Topic in Brief: YouTube to PPT

Dynamic interaction is the cornerstone of most modern presentations, which makes videos one of the most popular additions to PowerPoint slides. Not only can adding video clips convey more information than basic text, it also engages the audience much more fully. The main problem comes if the video you want to include in your presentation has a file size that is too large for slide. This is especially true with high definition (HD) clips.

Storing downloaded video on a thumb drive or external hard drive takes up so much space, and if the presentation hardware is not up to speed, loading the presentation can take too long at the start of the meeting. The solution is simple. Embedding YouTube videos makes it easy to beef up the PowerPoint project without increasing size and low time. Follow the tutorial below to learn how embedding YouTube in PowerPoint works:

I. PowerPoint 2010 – 2013: Embed YouTube Videos

1 – Load the current PowerPoint presentation you are working on and select the slide you wish to add a video to.

ppt2013 interface

2 – Select "Insert" on the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

3 – Put your mouse over the "Media" and "Video" sections and then select the little arrow to move on to the extended option panel. Finally, click on "Online Video."

add online video to ppt

4 – Copy the YouTube video embed code from the video you wish to include, and paste it into the "Video Embed Code" slot on the PowerPoint window. This embed code is found below the video on the YouTube website. You can find it by clicking on the "Share" button.

insert flash object

5 – Select "Insert" and the video will be added to the presentation's slide. This may take a few seconds for the embedding process to complete.

6 – Edit the block containing the clip as you desire. It can fill up the whole slide, only part of it or be moved around in different places. If you wish to add borders or change the shape of the embedded video, select the "Format" and explore your options.

7 – Test the video's playback inside the PowerPoint presentation before you try to share it with others or take it to a business meeting. Click on the "Format" tab to activate it and the select "Play."

play youtube

II. PowerPoint 2007: YouTube in Your Presentation

1 – Select "Developer" from the tab menu. This lets you include a typical objects such as video clips in the PowerPoint presentation slides without the need for the "Insert" menu. If you cannot see the Developer tab, you need to activate it by clicking on the "Office" button on the left side of your screen. "PowerPoint Options" is the next thing to select. You will find it at the end of this menu. The default "Popular" selection will appear and you can then select the "Show Developers Tab in the Ribbon" checkbox and then click on OK.

toolbar developers tab 

2 – Select the "Developers" tab and then navigate down to the "Controls" section. Click on "More Controls" to continue.

3 – Scroll through the list until you find "Shockwave Flash Object." Select this menu item.

shockwave flash object

4 – Position your mouse on the PowerPoint slide where you wish the embedded video to be. Click the mouse button and drag the cursor to create the size box you want. Release the button and you will see the box with a big "X" covering it.

youtube in ppt 2007

5 – Browse to the YouTube video you wish to include in your PowerPoint presentation. Copy the URL and paste it into a text file. These video addresses need to be edited slightly to work with this version of PowerPoint.

  • *Delete the part of the URL that says "watch?" and change the=sign to a / .
  • *Add "&autoplay=1" to the end of the video URL if you wish it to start up and play automatically when the video slide appears in the presentation.

6 – Copy the new URL for the video you created and then click over to the PowerPoint screen you are working with before.

7 – Move your mouse over the block you created by clicking and dragging previously and right-click. Click on "Properties" from the revealed menu.

8 – Navigate to the "Movie" slot and the new URL of the video clip there. You may then exit the screen and return to your presentation.

play youtube in powerpoint

III. PowerPoint 2003: Embed Videos From Your YouTube

PowerPoint 2003 may be over a decade old and was created before YouTube launched in 2005, but it still has the capability to embed YouTube videos in any of the projects you create. Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to include any video from YouTube in presentations made with PowerPoint 2003.

1 – Find or create a slide in your PowerPoint presentation where you want to include a video clip.

2 – Select "View" and then "Toolbars" and make sure the "Control Toolbox" option is checked so you can see it for your work surface.

toolbar of ppt 2003

3. Copy the link of YouTube video from your browser and then you can embed it to your PowerPoint presentation.

copy youtube link

4. Look at the lower right side of the "Control Toolbox" window for the "More Controls" button. Click on this, scroll down and then click on the "Shockwave Flash Object" selection.

ppt 2003 properties

5. Your mouse cursor should turn into a crosshairs shape that allows you to click and drag to draw a box on your chosen PowerPoint slide.

From here on out, the procedure for PowerPoint 2003 is the same as the one described above for PowerPoint 2010. Follow the same steps listed above to complete the YouTube video embedding.

IV. Download YouTube Videos for Inserting to PPT Offline

It is possible to show your PowerPoint presentation to others in locations where Internet access doesn't exist. This process includes a few more steps than simply embedding with the code or URL. First, you need to download the YouTube to your hard drive. Then, you need to convert the YouTube file format to WMV. This is because PowerPoint program does not accept FLV or MP4 file types. An excellent way to download YouTube videos is with a program called Video Downloader Pro. With this powerful tool, you can get to the videos and convert them to WMV with ease, and then embed them in any of the PowerPoint versions from 2003 to 2010.

trial for mac windows trial free

1 – Down load the Video Downloader Pro program and install it on your computer. This will put a button on any YouTube video you watch or load for very easy downloading with a single click.

starter of video downloader pro

2 – Navigate to the YouTube video you wish to embed in your PowerPoint presentation and click the little button as described above. You can select different resolutions before the download process commences. If you prefer, the URL of the video clip you want can be copied and pasted into the correct slot in the Video Downloader Pro window.

paste url

3 – Click on the "Downloaded" tab of the program to find the video and then click "Convert" in order to change it to the PowerPoint friendly WMV file format.

convert downloaded video

4 – Create a folder on your local drive for the PowerPoint presentation and move be downloaded YouTube video into the same folder. This allows any version of PowerPoint – 2000, 2003, 2007 or 2010 – to easily find the file for embedding purposes.

5 – Click on the "Insert" tab in your PowerPoint screen, mouse over the "Video" menu and click on "Video from File." A prompt will open in which you can select the YouTube video you wish to embed in the slide. As long as the video remains in the same folder as the PowerPoint project, it can be set for automatic play or play only when you click on it as the presentation occurs.

This way works for any web videos as you could add any downloaded clips into presentation, check here if you need to grab videos from sites other than YouTube.

V. Troubleshooting for YouTube Not Playing in PPT

When the YouTube video sales to play inside of your PowerPoint presentation, you need to troubleshoot what the problem is. Consider the following problems and learn how to fix them.

1 – Lack of a connection to the Internet. This obvious problem can be overlooked if you are presenting your project in an unfamiliar place like a conference hall or office. A stable Internet connection is needed to stream the embedded videos. If there is no connection at all, all of the videos you tried to include will show up as plain black boxes in Normal View and plain white boxes in Presentation View.

2 – Unstable or slow connection to the Internet. Even if online capability exists, it may not be powerful enough to smoothly stream YouTube videos without a lot of buffering or delays. In most cases, you cannot choose which type of connection is available where you make your PowerPoint presentation. The best option is to plan pauses at each video slide to give them a chance to load. These can be filled with something interesting to say or even physical presentation props.

3 – Incorrectly copied URL or embed code. One of the most common reasons why your embedded video clip does not play is user error. When you create the presentation, it is important you carefully copy the entire website address of the video including the http://. PowerPoint 2007 does not allow embedding of entire YouTube playlist, so be sure you copy the correct URL. This is especially important if you are inserting video clips using Shockwave Active X, which is how this process is usually completed. Install the video instead of the playlist.

4 – Using the wrong method for the wrong PowerPoint version. Some people may have different versions of PowerPoint installed on their own computer, and they may make a mistake between creating the presentation and embedding videos into the slides. This also can become an issue if a different type of PowerPoint is used where you are giving the presentation after is complete. In most cases, this would not be a problem, but glitches can sometimes occur.