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Facebok to MP3

Facebook has evolved from just a social network to a medium where we can share and view any kind of content- text, photos, audio and video. The recent improvements its UI have only made Facebook better than it already is, and the video player is easily amongst the best of features that it has seen so far. You can now not only share videos from other streaming websites, but also upload and share your own videos and view those uploaded by others. These are a quick and effective way to share any important news; your abilities or anything else.

Sometimes, more than the video, the audio in it is what makes it an amazing experience. It may so happen that you like some song in a video, and want to save it to hear later. When situations like that come, downloading the entire video is quite a hassle, and a waste of memory. So if you have been looking for a way to save the audio from your favorite Facebook videos in an instant, then you have come to the right place. Read on to learn about the best methods of downloading audio from Facebook videos.

I. Use Web Video Downloader

One of the most convenient ways to download MP3 from Facebook videos is use an online video/audio grabbing service, of which the one provided by AceThinker is the most popular option. With this, you do not need to configure or install any form of software, toolbar, or browser add-on. It works from a website that generates the download link for you and lets you download the MP3 from your favorite Facebook video with ease.

Making use of this utility is simple, all you have to do is follow these 3 steps:

  • 1. Go to the video that you want to convert to MP3, and copy its link.
  • 2. Paste the link in the AceThinker website’s download toolbar, and click on Download.
  • 3. Select MP3 or other audio fromat from the list expanded

That’s it- with just these two simple steps, you can grab the MP3 from any of your favorite Facebook videos. The advantages of using this grabber include:

  • - No need to download or install any software/programs- just log on to the website and begin downloading;
  • - No limit on the number of downloads- download as many MP3s as you want;
  • - No sign ups required;
  • - Works great with all browsers on Windows and Mac Computers

With these great pros, do come a few cons, including:

  • - No advanced features or functionalities;
  • - No capabilities for converting downloaded videos;

II. Use Standalone Video Downloader Software

If you do not like copy pasting links to a different tab and are looking for a seamless downloading experience, then the AceThinker video downloader is what you need. With support for all streaming videos including those on Facebook, the Ace Thinker Video Downloader is what you need to download the MP3 from it at the click of a button.

why choose video downloader pro

mac version for free windows trial free

Any video that is playing on your browser, particularly those on Facebook, can be downloaded using this tool. You do not have to worry about factors like your computer/OS, the browser being use or its version or the platform in general- this tool works great with Mac and Windows, Chrome and Firefox and anything else that you may be using to view videos. To use this downloader, follow the following steps:

1. Download and install the program from the above buttons, you will see the interface as illustrated once you have activated the program (We use Windows version to demonstrate the guideline, but Mac users can refer to these images as well, for the settings are merely the same).

starter interface

2. Go to the link that has the video whose audio you wish to download. You can either copy-paste the URL to the program to download; or you can play the video and click "Download" icon that appears above the playback window on your browser. If you opt to the latter one, you will see a drop-down list as soon as you click on the "Download" while there's an "Only Audio" option to choose. In this way, you can get audio from Facebook videos directly.

download video on facebook

download audio from facebook video

3. Alternatively, if you want to download the video and then extract the audio from it, then first download the video and then chose MP3 from the conversion option on the right in the "Downloaded" Library.

convert videos

output profile

With this downloading method, you get a host of advantages including:

  • - The convenience to download audio/MP3 from Facebook videos without any hassle;
  • - A host of options that allow you to download the audio as well as the video, with various conversion options;
  • - Downloading your favorite MP3 from videos automatically without performing any complicated steps;
  • - Multiple file downloading support;
  • - Support service to help you in case of any issues;

Just like everything else, there is another side to this- and here are the disadvantages of using the AceThinker Downloader for MP3 downloading:

  • - It needs installating the software at frist, which takes up space and memory.
  • - Depending on your internet connection, the download may take time to generate and complete.

II. Alternative Free Online Downloader App

fb2mp3 interface

Another online utility that you can use to grab the audio from your favorite Facebook videos is to use the online MP3 extraction utility. This app is specially made for dealing with Facebook videos and can export them to multiple formats. To make use of this, follow these steps:

  • 1. First, browse to the particular MP3 video whose audio/MP3 you want to save. Then copy its link to the clipboard.
  • 2. Log on to, and paste the link in the ‘Enter Facebook URL’ field. Select Standard or High Quality, depending on what you want, and click on ‘Go’.
  • 3. Once you have clicked on ‘Go’, the conversion will be done in a few minutes and a direct download of the MP3 will begin.

The benefits of using this online utility are:

  • - No extra downloads are required to use it- all you need to do is log on to the web address.
  • - It is compatible with all systems and browsers.
  • - You get the choice of standard and high qualities, depending on the kind of audio you want.

The downsides of fb2mp3 are:

  • - On slower internet connections, the link generation may take time.
  • - It may not work as well with private/protected video links.


Thus, now that you know the best ways to download MP3 from Facebook videos, capturing your favorite audio from Facebook should no longer be a challenge! The right method for you depends on how frequently you download as well as your system- but in the end, you will be able to grab your favorite audio from Facebook without a hassle.