Topic in Brief:
Facebook to MP4

Facebook remains a leader in social media networking. This platform lets people forge and strengthen connections with friends, families, celebrities and companies. Daily updates, live chat, comments and opinions and video sharing allow users to interact in many different ways. If you see a Facebook video you like, you may want to download it and convert it into MP4 format so you can watch it off-line on your computer, tablet or smartphone. If you have friends or family members who are not on Facebook, this also makes it much easier to share with them through email.

1. Facebook to MP4 Converter Online

The 100% free Facebook video downloader requires no download of its own or installation on your hard drive. This makes it very accessible to many users. When you compare it with other programs designed to download clips, it is highly convenient and easy to use. You can download any videos, music videos, movies and personal films from Facebook. All you have to do is copy the URL of the video into the appropriate bar on the program website and click "Grab It." The Facebook hosted video will then download and you will be able to save it to your hard drive or other storage.

2. Record Facebook Video on iPhone

It's hard to find a FaceBook Video to MP4 converter on Apple Store, but you may go alternative way by recording the videos on Facebook. Pro Recorder has excellent support for users and also comes handy in recording any stream played on your iPhone. You only need to click one button to record whatever you would like. App Store posted a review of this program itself. It praised the many benefits including the one-click screencast and the ability to troubleshoot issues quickly.

pro record for iphone


  • - Free, easy recording with just one click saves you time and energy
  • - Intuitive use with no complicated controls or tutorials necessary


  • - You have to play Facebook Video in full screen on your web browser for recording it properly.
  • - The application occasionally freezes or pauses during the process. Developers should fix this problem promptly to prevent user discontent.

3. Download Options for Android Facebook Video

Users rates the AVD downloader very highly and love it's easy-to-use interface, many excellent features and the frequent updates and modifications the developers make to keep the user base happy. Google Play Store ranks this application high among others of its kind. It thinks the features are considerable and the outlook quite good. This helps to counteract the potentially negative feedback due to slower download speeds.

avd android downloader


  • - Instead of slowing Android phones like other apps, this one blocks bloatware that can cause continual damage to the device's speed and functionality.
  • - Every part of this app is extremely user-friendly, from downloading it the first time to using all of its features. It is very advanced for its kind.


  • - Although you can use your phone the same as usual when the app is running, the download speeds leaves something to be desired. If you are waiting for a clip to download, you must be patient.
  • - There are other applications on the market that have greater functionality and better features than this one.