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Download Yahoo Video

download video from yahooMany people get their daily news on the Internet these days, but reading articles is not the only method. Video and audio has become even more popular as the technology advances. This is also true for entertainment videos such as films, TV shows and music as well. Founded by Yahoo, Yahoo Screen offers a wide selection of videos for both fun and information. If you wish to download videos from Yahoo Screen so you can watch them at your leisure, there are several main methods to choose from. Read on to learn more and determine which option works best for you:

Method #1 – Top Yahoo Video Downloader Win/Mac

The best method for downloading Yahoo videos onto either a Windows or Mac computer is to use a specific quality tool. We recommend Video Downloader Pro above all others. All it takes is one simple click and you can save video clips of anything length to your hard drive. Video Downloader Pro also allows you to convert downloaded videos into the file types necessary to view on all your devices. You can switch both audio and video files to formats perfect for smart phones and tablets of many makes and models. Of course, you can also watch Yahoo videos on the convenient player right in the program.


mac trial for free win free trial

Simply follow the steps outlined below to watch Yahoo videos without internet on your Win/Mac computer:

Step1. Download Video when Streaming on Browser

Once installed, actuvate this tool, and then open up your browser. Navigate over to your chosen clip and play it. Next, simply click the "Download" button which should be visible in the upper left-hand corner of the video window.

download playing yahoo videos

This program also allows users to download video via URL. Simply copy & paste the URL from your browser and then click "Paste URL" on main interface, that's it. You may also drag the URL of a video directly to the interface and grab it immediately.

download in progress

Step 2. Convert Downloaded Video Clips

This program has and included FLV media player so you can watch your downloaded videos directly. In order to do so, just navigate to "Finish" on left pane to check the downloaded videos, right-click on a video clip and select "Play" from the menu.

convert downloaded videos

If you want to play the video on portable device, edit it with your software tool, or to share it via internet, you may also facilitate the inner converter to turn your videos to suitable formats. By clicking "Convert" along with a video clip, you can forward to the output dialog which contains many formats to choose from. After determining a format, click "Ok" to confirm your conversion, you will then get the video in another format within minutes.

download and then convert videos

Method #2 – Download Yahoo Videos with Browser Extension

The Download Accelerator Manager (DAM) browser add-on for Firefox and Chrome allows you to perform Yahoo videos download smoothly. It works very quickly and securely so you can access the entertainment or information you want. Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1 – Start Up the Download Extension

The DAM downloader extension works with all popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. In order to run this app on your browser, you could simply right-click on browser and select "Grab Video/Music with DAM". Alternatively, you may also select "Launch MediaGrabber" from the Tools menu of the program itself.

install dam downloader 

Step 2 – Play the Video in Any Internet Browser

When you have found a video or audio files on Yahoo Screen that you wish to capture, simply play it in your browser and the browser extension program will add it to download queue automatically. If a media has already been playing before your turn on MediaGrabber, all you have to do is refresh your browser window to make it work.

dam download video

Step 3 – Press the "Download" Button

Once a video has been added to the program's window, select the "Download Last" button to get it onto your hard drive. If you have the Ultimate version of this handy browser plug-in, you can also select "Download All", so as to get all videos at once.

dam download list

Please Note:

  • - If you have another download manager program on your computer, it is possible that it could stop MediaGrabber from functioning properly. We recommend you uninstall these programs in order to operate safely and efficiently.
  • - In order to check all downloaded video files, just go to select "Video Type" on the MediaGrabber interface.
  • - You can start the MediaGrabber program before you start playing the video you wish to capture.

Extra Tips – Search for Videos on Yahoo Screen

Yahoo Screen offers viewers a wide selection of Yahoo videos to choose from. You can find everything from homemade clips just a few minutes long two popular Internet series and Yahoo original. This site also brings you more serious options such as local and world news, financial news, sports and entertainment. If you want to search for pages that contain videos efficiently, check for detailed guide after the jump.

yahoo! screen

Follow these simple steps to download news video and start watching today:

  • 1. Visit the website.
  • 2. Click the link of a page that has an icon shaped like video camera (it indicates that the story is associated with a video attached). In this way you could easily get to the pages that contain videos.
  • 3. On the other hand, you may also click "Video" link above the search field to find out all latest videos.
  • 4. Now you just need to use the methods as introduced in part 1 and part 2 to download videos properly.

How to Search Yahoo Music Video Efficiently

  • 1. Visit Yahoo Music on home page.
  • 2. Hover your mouse over "Music Videos" bar at the top of the screen and find the "Context" menu.
  • 3. Choose one of the options from the menu, you can search for music via the name of song, artist, genre or other criteria.
  • 4. Still, you could utilize the solutions as mentioned in early parts to download the videos.