Topic in Brief: Download Udemy

logo of udemyThousands of people use Udemy every day in order to take a class or watch a tutorial about everything from foreign language to popular games and business management to self-improvement, cooking or even childcare. While many of the classes offered here, which are created and run by specialized experts, cost money to take part in, there are free ones as well. These experts own their courses, which is something different when compared with alternative internet-based education sites. The courses themselves can be completed at whatever time is convenient to you. But if you need to stream a course offline or watch it on your mobile without internet, you need to download it at first. This article will go through multiple solutions that suit your needs.

I. Free Video Recorder (Win & Mac)

By recording the activity on your screen with a third-party tool, you can easily preserve any live stream including Udmedy's videos. If you're working on Windows, you can opt to CamStudio, a free screen recorder which makes screencasts for any activity on desktop. You can download this freeware from its official site and then install to utilize it.

reocrd udemy

Once activated, navigate to the Udemy video you want to watch on browser as usually do. Resume to the interface of CamStudio and click on "Start" button, and then drag a region over the playback window of Udemy. The program will start working when you're watching the video while you just need to minimize the program to desktray. As soon as the video is over, you can resume to interface and click the "Stop" button. This will save recorded video to AVI or FLV according to your needs. That's it.

quicktime recorderOn the other hand, if you're using Mac, you could go straightforward to the built-in QuickTime Player which features a video recorder for making screencasts. To start with, launch Quick Time in your Applications folder, click to expand the "File" menu and then select "New Screen Recording". You will see a small toolbar appear. Click the triangle icon on right-side of window to adjust mic and mouse click settings before recording. Once done, click the record button in the center to start recording, you can drag a region over the playback window on Udemy. Keep the toolbar at the bottom of screen during recording and you could click "Stop" to end up recording.

II. IDM Downloader (Windows Only)

You could also download and install IDM Downloader to grab the videos from Udemy. Follow the steps to gather both free and premium Udemy video contents where allowed by copyright law:

  • * Enter your login information on Udemy to access your account.
  • * Navigate to your desired premium content course.
  • * Quickly click on the preview button to see the list of videos and other content included.
  • * Click on the right button and drag the video links to lower part of the screen.
  • * Take note of the orange dotted line that encapsulates all the content you wish to download.
  • * Multiple tabs will open in your browser that will show previews of all the videos available in that course.
  • * If you have installed IDM Downloader, you can activate it and resume to the video. You will see a floating download icon appears above the playback window when hovering mouse on it. Simply clicking the icon will add the current video into download list. You may repeat this process to add as many clips as you need.

idm video downloader

III. Browser Addon Download Program (Win and Mac)

Ant Video Downloader is a free plug-in which can be installed on FireFox browser, you can follow the instructions to utilize it.

  • 1. Install the downloader plug-in in Firefox and restart your browser. This tool will appear as a "Download" icon besides the address bar on your browser.
  • 2. Play the video in your chosen Udemy course which you need to download.
  • 3. Press the "Download" icon to download the current video you're playing, you just wait for a short while and then you could get the Udemy video for watching offline.
  • 4. Note that lecture downloads can only be done one at a time. You need to wait for the first to finish before navigating to the next. That's it.

ant video downloader for firefox

IV. Conclusion

For conclusion, we have introduced four effective methods to download from Udemy. Some videos which have download options on this platform do no need third-party tools to download. But on the other hand, some of the other clips may require you utilizing a downloader application to deal with the web videos. The methods we discussed have covered all possible situations and therefore you can choose the one that suits you the most.