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Originated from Dec of 1997, One Piece has gradually become the top one manga in Japan while the anime has also been on board for quite some time now. The background of story is a world comprises no continents but huge amounts of islands controlled by world government and pirates. All pirates in the world are pursuing the legendary treasure called “One Piece” left by the King of Pirates – Gol D. Roger who died long time ago. Our hero Monkey D. Luffy is also a young pirate who’s having adventure with his companies in the journey. The story is all about his appealing adventure, fights with the marine of world government and other pirates. With the anime episodes releasing every week, many people are looking for the source to view or download One Piece online. This article will share you with the best places for your anime entertainment.

Best Sites for Streaming One Piece Episodes

Other than borrowing or paying DVD discs from stores while most of them are out of date, you will find internet the best place to enjoy the latest release of One Piece. However, due to the fact that One Piece cannot be easily found on the famous video sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and others, you should go for a site which is dedicated in providing this anime on weekly basis. “Watchop” used to be the best choice for watching dubbed One Piece anime, but it was down due to unknown reasons. Currently we would recommend “AnimeOP”, which not only provides English subbed One Piece Episodes every week, but also lets you switch among HD, standard or MP4 quality depending on your bandwidth. Though the site may present advertisements as well, they won’t affect you watching videos.


Alternatively, if you’re looking for the old episodes before 421, you may check for “Dubbedtv” which has more friendly outward appearance and smooth video streaming. However, it has stopped updating ever since episode 421. Moreover, you may look for the segments of memorable moments in One Piece scraped by fans, you could also check them on YouTube, there’s a special One Piece Channel. Also, if you’re wondering the name of episodes and the chapters they belong to, please check the exhausted One Piece episode list in Wikipedia. Here you can explore into the names of all episodes classified in live time. Within this list, you can navigate to any episode as desired.

Dubbed TV

How to Download One Piece Episodes

video keeper windows
3 - 5 mins

Now you have a concrete idea about where to stream One Piece anime, but what if you want to download some of the fabulous episodes for watching later? Considering that it’s also a positive way to watching a video without buffers, you may rely one a third-party download management tool to grab videos. Video Downloader Pro will come into play whenever you need to download clips from video sites. Below is an instructive guide for it.


1. Download and install Video Downloader Pro

To start with, download this program from the buttons below and install it on your computer. After activating the program, you will forward to the main interface as illustrated.

starter interface

Now you can go for streaming a One Piece episode on AnimeOP or Dubbedtv. Note that you will see a download button appears above the video being streamed, then you can simply click to download such video. Videos downloaded this way will be added to the list where you can see the progress of it. And once the progress is complete, you can then check finished videos in “Downloaded” tab.

Download in Progress

Convert Videos

Moreover, if you prefer, you may also choose to convert downloaded videos to disired formats so as to watching them on your mobiles. Simply clicking the convert button attached to a video clip will take you to the settings panel. You can then choose the output profiles and hit the Ok button to confirm your video conversion. When you’re done, you could also find videos in output folder.

download and convert

2. Record One Piece Anime Online

Alternatively, if the above way does not work, you may also use the tool’s built-in recorder to record whatever happens on your screen. This way also works for the live videos. And in order to do so, locate to the directory of this program in local drive and double click on “Video Recorder”. You can then drag a frame above the playback window of One Piece Episode, and then click “REC” to start with recording. Hit the button again to stop it when screencast is done. You can find resulted video in the directory set by you.


3. More Ways to Download from One Piece

The site Animeop has download option available on playback window of One Piece. You just need to go for an episode in the list, switch to MP4 Upload tab above the window, and then simple click the download icon on top-left, that’s it. It will then pop-up a new page on your browser to download selected episode.

One Piece Download

Hope you enjoy the adventure of Luffy and his partners. And if you have better web video sites to enjoy One Piece online, you may share them with us by posting a message below.

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