Topic in Brief: Download Fairy Tail

As a fabulous manga series that illustrate the adventure of Lucy Heartfilia, a teenage wizard and her fellow Natsu the dragon slayer, who searches for the secret of dragon. The anime received a lavish attention from audiences in 2009, though it was ended in 2013, it quickly went back to live later on and now there’re hundreds of episodes already. The substantial parts of Fairy Tail lie in the fights among wizards, amazing skills of mages in different communities and the constant betterment of main characters. In this article, we will discuss the possible ways to stream Fair Tail online and also the approaches to download episodes for watching offline.

I. Sites for Streaming Fairy Tail

There’re several sites for streaming Fair Tail episodes or films, but only a few of them provide satisfied user experience, others are saturated with ads or threats. Find the premium options to watch this anime below.

1. Stream on Anime Freak

It’s a classic site which features the anime in various categories including Fair Tail. On this page you can access the list of entire series and easily navigate to any episode you fancy. It’s a pity there’s insufficient information that comes with each clip, but you may look for details of them on Wiki here. Combing these two resources can help you go through the anime efficiently.

anime freak

2. Surf Anime on Dailymotion

Since Dailymotion has a less vigorous policy that YouTube, it has also become one of very few video platforms that provide anime. However, these resources are shared by personal users, it does not guarantee that you can watch consecutive episodes. Still, it’s a nice place to enjoy Fair Tail without ads. By having a glance at the list sorted by channel’s owner, you could also navigate to any episode you like. One this page you can access Fair Tail season 1 and 2 and from here you can check the latest episode (Older ones will be removed after update).

fairy tail on dailymotion

3. Surf Anime on

This site is specially made for presenting Fair Tail episodes to the anime fans. Most video contents on this site are English subbed and you will see a complete list of nearly all shows there. Comparing with similar anime sites, this one concentrates on Fair Tail only and keeps updates on timely basis. It's only that some videos could be removed by the admin sometimes.

fairy tail go

II.Best Tool to Download Fairy Tail

When you’re enjoying videos on Dailymotion, there’re ways for you to preserve the video clips for watching later. A premium downloader utility can help you the most, the Video Downloader Pro is a nice tool for saving video clips from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and up to 1000 sites. Just download the program from buttons below and install it on your computer, and then you can start with collecting anime online.


mac trial for free win free trial

Once done with installation, activate the program and then go for streaming a video on Dailymotion with the address given before, and then you can go on downloading it. Hovering your mouse over the playback window of a video will show up a download icon above it, you can then click to grab the clip. Alternatively, you may also copy the URL of a video and then go for the interface of program with clicking “Paste URL”. Either way will add target video into the download list and you could check for progress on “Downloading” menu.

download progress

Videos finished downloading can be seen in “Finished” menu and you may also turn them to desired formats on the same panel. For instance, you may turn videos to MP4 formats for playing on mobiles. By clicking “Convert” icon along with a video clip, you can choose an output format from the pop-up profile dialog, and then click “Ok” to confirm with the conversion. It only takes a short while to get converted files.

convert downloaded videos

conversion profile

As this product also tackles the sites other than Dailymotion, if you're willing to check more web video sites, check this page for details.

III. Record Live Stream of Fairy Tail Anime

Usually, when you’re watching the live streams of Fair Tail on sites like Anime Freak, the videos cannot be downloaded directly. But you may opt to a little bit roundabout method by recording the videos. Using the freeware like CamStudio will let you record playing video effortlessly, it’s available to download from the official site.

record anime online

Once done with installation, just run the program and navigate to the playback window of Fair Tail. Resume to the program, click “Start” button on interface to start with recording. You will see the mouse cursor turns into a cross-hair, and then you can drag along the playback window of Fairy Tail. Now you can click to play the video while the program will record it entirely. Just click “Stop” button on attached toolbar when the video is over, and you could save the recorded clip into SWF or AVI format. That’s it.


In this essay, we have discussed the sites for streaming Fair Tail episodes and also positive ways to record / download them. Hope you can enjoy this fabulous anime to the full with the tips given here. And if you have suggestions on it, please send it below.