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After a long day at the office, what could be better than kicking off your shoes and watching some of's entertaining videos? With high-speed Internet and plenty of free time you can watch as many videos as you want sitting in front of your computer screen, but not everyone has this capability. You may be inundated with advertisements on some of the videos and suffer from excess buffering. The solution? You can download videos from, save them to your hard drive or external storage and watch them at your leisure.

I. Break Video Download Process for Mac

If you want to download any videos from, there is a professional grabber solution that was designed specifically to be able to grab videos from this site as well as many other popular video sharing sites. It supports YouTube, Yahoo, Vimeo, Facebook, Google video and more. Besides downloading, it also allows you full conversion access from one format to another. File types supported include MP4, MP3, MOV and more. You must download this program to use it, but you will be very happy you did.


mac program for free windows edition for free

The download and installation process is quite intuitive. After downloading it to your hard drive, the installation wizard will open and give you instructions about how to complete the process. The program will launch itself as soon as the installation is done. The downloader program then leads you through a tutorial so you can easily learn how to get those entertaining videos for Mac. It also works with Windows and the steps are pretty much the same.

1 – Navigate to a favorite video and begin the download process

Load in your favorite browser, such as Safari, and navigate to a video you wish to download. Play it and the "Download" button should appear in the video play window at the top left corner. Click this and the application will automatically download the video file.

download videos from break

This app also lets you copy the URL and paste it in the program in order to download videos. Copy the URL of the particular file you want to save and paste it into the program. You can also drag and drop the URL into the appropriate slot to begin the download process.

download in progress

2 – Convert downloaded files to other video formats if you want

After the download of all the videos is complete, find your video files by clicking on "Downloaded" on left-pane of interface. Select "Convert" to change the file type of the videos and ultimately save the video by clicking "OK."

convert downloaded videos

conversion profile

II. How to Find the URL of a Video Easily

If you are playing videos on by navigating to "Today's Best Video" or a playlist, you will not be able to see the URL of each individual video.

Luckily, there is a way to work around this problem. If you click on one of the social share buttons on the bottom edge of the video playback window, the URL will appear. You will then be able to copy it and paste it into the appropriate slot on the program in order to save clips with ease.