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BBC Downloads

The British Broadcasting Corporation has tons of news videos on the official website along with posts. If you wish to save one of the broadcasts as local video file or for watching on your mobile device, you will need a proper tool that recognizes Flash-based online videos. In this way, you can save them directly to your hard drive. The following methods for saving flash videos from the BBC are all easy to use, quick and effective.

I. Digital Downloader for BBC Offers Simple Solution

While the principle of this software is to download videos from web, it has additional benefits. For instance, you can download multiple video clips at the same time. This not only saves your time but makes the process much more efficient if you are exporting videos to local media formats or devices compatible formats. Click one of the buttons below to install the free trial of this amazing program. It will work on both Windows and Mac computers. Check for how to download videos on Windows after the jump, while Mac users can forward to the second part for detailed guides.


win free trial mac trial for free

1. Guide for Windows users

Once installed, navigate to a video that interests you on the BBC in whatever internet browser you use. When your mouse hovers over the screen, you will see a “Download” icon appears in the top right corner. Simply click this to add the particular clip to the download list. You can add multiple videos to the queue in this way.

video download on browser

If you're downloading videos from other sites like YouTube, it is also possible to download video via URL. You just need to copy the video's URL from the browser and then click the “Paste URL” button on program's interface. It will add videos to download queue as well. But please be aware that this method does not work for BBC videos (you have to hover your mouse around the playing video and click on "Download").

When you have selected several videos and put them in the queue, click the “Downloading” menu on the program's left pane to see how the downloads are progressing.

download in progress

After the downloads are completely finished, you can watch these BBC videos within the program. To do so, right-click on a clip and select "Play", you may also opt to “Open Download Folder” to locate downloaded videos in local directory.

convert videos

Since all of these clips are saved in FLV, you may need to convert them to a different format. This process is also easy to complete in this powerful program. On "Finished" tab, select a video and click "Convert", you can then choose a suitable format to convert your files. Also give it a few minutes until the process completes.

conversion profiles

2. Guide for Mac Users

Mac users can download videos in the same manner by clicking "Download" icon that emerges above the playing video. Once done with the downloads, you may also forward to "Downloaded" menu to check them. You can select a video clip and then click "Convert" to turn it to another format.

convert finished videos

And to convert videos for your iOS gadgets, just navigate to “Apple” tab on the pop-up of output formats and choose which device you intend to watch the videos on. The program will automatically select the best video parameters for your iPhone or iPad model.

Upon choosing a proper output format, ensure you check the box next to “Open the directory when process completed”, and then hit “Convert” to get started. This quick conversion allows you to watch whatever videos you downloaded on your phone or other mobile device even if you do not currently have a connection to the internet.

conversion profile

Attention: If you prefer to watch videos on video sharing platforms in AVI, MP3, MP4 or various streaming formats you can select different output types in the Video and Audio buttons on this program. Just make your selection and then click “OK” in the bottom corner.

II. Use CamStudio to Record Screen (Win Only)

CamStudio is a freeware for recording anything on your desktop on timely basis and can produce AVI file for the screencast. Although this method is a bit roundabout, it does work as you can keep this tool running when watching the BBC news. Once you finish watching, you will get the recorded video as well.

record bbc video

  • 1. Go to the official site of CamStudio, download and install this tool.
  • 2. Run this tool on your desktop, you can then open browser and load the BBC video you want to record.
  • 3. Click the start button (red circle) on CamStudio's interface, when you see the mouse cursor turns to a cross-hair, drag a region that covers the playback window of BBC video.
  • 4. Release your mouse to start recording. You then minimize the program to desk-tray and watch the video like usual.
  • 5. When the video is over, you could resume to the interface and click "Stop" button (blue rectangle). The video will be saved to AVI or SWF file to your chosen directory. That's it.

That's the end of this article, if you have better solutions on downloading videos from BBC or encounter issues in the above guides, feel free to drop a message below.