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It is given that a lot of people are interested in watching movies on their laptops than going on the movie houses. For the past few years, most people were only downloading any of the movies that they want. They will also be waiting for hours in watching it offline. This is obviously, a time consuming process. This is the main reason why online movie streaming is becoming a trend with the number of movie streaming sites that continue on growing. More people are interested of watching movies online than following the old and conventional process. They will only download movies that they want. There are many movie download sites only for movie downloads. Although there are some who would grab the opportunity of trying for free movie download, there is still nothing that matches the convenience of free movie online without downloading it. This is also great for those who have enough time on watching movies. Given that there are now many people who are aware of the benefits of streaming online in watching some movies, they are also looking for the top movie streaming sites to visit and bookmark on their computers or gadgets. To get started on the sites to visit on streaming any movies you want to watch out online, take a look at the top 20 sites you can go:

#1 Hulu

hulu rating

our editor’s rating: 9.5/10

Among the popular sites wherein people can watch movies online is Hulu. It is a name that anyone in the internet community is familiar with. In this site, you cannot only watch movies but even any other TV shows. As you visit the site, you will find thousands of movies and watch them without paying for costs. If you think that the site has limited TV shows to offer, you will find out that it also has thousands of complete episodes of TV shows to offer. However, people from other parts of the world may not access the site as the video library of the site is only available in the United States area.

#2 My Download Tube

my download tube rating

our editor’s rating: 9.0/10

A new yet a very awesome movie streaming site, this is My Download Tube. Without you being required of downloading any movies, you can enjoy watching whatever movie you want from the site. The site has a very interesting web design that makes watching movie more appealing. There are many good-quality movies to download. This is also a great alternative from downloading movies at their lowest qualities. The site offers no registration or sign up processes. This only means that you can actually watch any movie you want for free. Unlike other sites wherein the latest movies are not yet available, the site is also updating their video library on a constant basis. This makes it possible for you to watch for the recently released movies.

All that you have to do is to watch on any movie by searching for the title of the movie. Open it and click on the “Watch Online” and streaming will then start. If ever you still want to take advantage of downloading it, clicking on the “Movie Download” feature is essential. Both watching movies online and downloading are free. Aside from movies, the site is also offering game downloading without you being required of paying any costs. Downloading any game from the site is also very simple.


free streaming movies rating

our editor’s rating: 9.0/10

If you are in search for a site wherein you can stream movies at their high quality resolution, is the site to be. Once you have visited the site, you will love the movie collections it has to offer. It is updated regularly, which makes it easy for you to find the latest movie releases. You can watch for all Hollywood movies from the site.


watch movies online rating

our editor’s rating: 9.0/10

Given that a lot of people are now using online streaming sites for watching any movies, Watch-Movies-Online is another new streaming site to be included on your bookmarked sites. It does not require any sign up or registration. And, this provides you with a great collection of movies. When you go to the site’s homepage, you’ll have 3 options such as New Movie, A-Z Movies, and also Cinema Movies. With this site, you are allowed to search any movie that you want by choosing the categories or typing in the title of the movie. Some of the categories on the site are Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Animation, Horror, and a lot more. Also, another option that you can get is possible by selecting on the years wherein certain movies are released. This site will surely provide you with entertainment whenever you want.

#5 Top Movies Online

top movies online rating

our editor’ rating: 9.0/10

Top Movies Online or the site is one of the new movie online streaming sites that do not require viewers of registering or downloading the movies. Searching through different movies is a lot easier as all are separated with different genres like Comedy, Action, Horror, Adventure, etc. In addition to movies, the site is where you can also watch TV series. At its homepage, you have several options such as A-Z Movies, Cinema Movies, New Movies and also TV Series. However, keep in mind that the site is not the one hosting or uploading the movies for you to watch on the site. They will just provide the link and redirect you to the sites wherein you can watch it like Dailymotion.

#6. Vumoo

Vumoo rating

our editor’s rating: 8.8/10

The so-called poor man’s Netflix is what a lot of people call, Vumoo. It is considered as the most beautiful and well-polished online movie streaming site. The site can offer more than 60,000 movies and are growing constantly with everyday updates. For a new site, anyone can say that it has a lot of things to offer. Apart from its impressive layout design, there are other features that make it a standout from a lot of movie streaming sites. It has its incremental search feature that starts filtering the search results after starting on typing the search bar. Also, it has this infinite scroll that makes you scroll it endlessly as the results are loading continuously. Another feature that makes it different from the other sites is that, Vumoo allows you to search by genre, by actor or even by title that makes searching a lot easier and faster. Although the site is just starting, there is no doubt that they will be improving in the long run.

#7. Crackle

crackle site rating

our editor’s rating: 8.8/10

Crackle is a free website wherein you can stream almost any movie that pops up into your mind. The site is packed with full-length movies without signing in or making registration. However, you have the option to sign up when you want to get notified on your email about new movies uploaded on the site. Also, signing up gives you the chance of creating a watchlist. This will make watching more personalized. The site has a lot of genres that makes it easy for you and others to find for the specific types of movies. Once you find the one that you like best, hit the play button and you can sit back and enjoy the movie. Aside from movies, you can also enjoy watching different TV shows on Crackle for free.

#8. Wolowtube

Wolow tube rating

our editor’s rating: 8.8/10

If you are i search for sites wherein you can get the ease and convenience of watching free movie online without downloading, Wolowtube is the one for you. It boasts a very neat design without registration required. There will also be no annoying ads that may affect your mood while watching it. The video library of the site is packed with over 30,000 titles that will make your search easier than ever. Also, what makes this site more advantageous is that almost all of the movies are available in high definition. You can treat Wolowtube as your complete site for free online movie streaming.

#9. Streaming-Movies

streaming movies rating

our editor’s rating: 8.5/10 is named as the site wherein you can enjoy watching movies online in the most comfortable way. Its movie database continues to increase and provides a lot of movie suggestions as it adds around 50 movies every single day. Searching is made easier as you can browse through the year or category. What makes it more beneficial for any movie buffs is that they will no longer go to the cinemas. No registration needed, just a movie you like a click and it will start on playing.

#10. WatchOnline-Movies

watch online moviesrating

our editor’s rating: 8.5/10 is among the best free movie streaming sites that you can always visit on your free time. As others may say, even a kid can navigate through the site and watch a movie that they want. The site offers a total of 15 movie categories that makes selecting any movie easier. The collection of movies available in the site is growing constantly. This is also the same with their collection of TV series. Also, you go to the site and decide watching on a movie. It is not necessary for you to register and you don’t have to prepare or enter any credit information to use the site. So, the next time you want to watch any movie online, try visiting the site and checking it out.


VKFLIX rating

our editor’s rating: 8.0/10

VKFLIX is one of the best sites that anyone would want to visit. Some of the main advantages of the site include of the user-friendly layout and interface. A child can watch a movie in an instant. It doesn’t have any ads that might disturb you while you are watching. The site is where you can find a lot of high quality movies that load fast. You can stream whatever movies that you want using any device such as iPhone, iPad, laptop or desktop.

#12. WatchMovieStream

watch movie stream rating

our editor’s rating: 8.0/10

Currently, has more than 16,000 online movies that are offered for streaming for free. This number is growing constantly as new movies are being added every day. Filtering movie search is easy by release date or genre. It is free and also offers variety of video clips, trailers and other related videos derived from third-party contributors.


movies online rating

our editor’s rating: 7.5/10

When you are searching for popular movie streaming sites, is one that you must not miss out. It has a lot of best rated movies in different genres and is already offering some of the newly-released HD films. All are offered for free without any sign up processes required. Try the site and see how you can enjoy it.

#14. NyooTV

my tv rating

our editor’s rating: 7.5/10

NyooTV is your source of free full length movie streaming at no costs. In this site, Hollywood movies are not the only ones to find but Bollywood movies as well. There are also Telugu, Bengali, and Tamil movies in different movie categories. As mentioned, it is free. This only means that there will be no registration or signup required for the service. It is also one of the best selections of sites wherein you can watch any of your favorite TV shows.

#15. Popcornflix

Spop corn flix rating

our editor’s rating: 7.0/10

Watch free movie online without downloading and signing up when you go to Popcornflix. You can find a lot of movies to watch out for. You can also add for movies from time to time. There are more than 15,000 movies listed with their database and all are separated with different genres. Just search for the movie you like and hit the button for play.

The abovementioned top movies streaming sites are just some of the best sites that you can visit where you can get the ease and convenience of spending your leisure time while enjoying watching any of the movies or TV shows you want to watch. Some video sites offer the ease and convenience of playing videos on any devices that you have. Some are also offering movies and shows at the best quality resolutions. All of them provide for easy search features. This makes it easy for you to enjoy any of the movies you haven’t watched out before.


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