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Part 1. Installing

Evernote is presented at no cost for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android as well as Windows Phone. For gaining maximum value from this service, it’s recommended to setup Evernote on your regularly-used devices and register an account as well. This entire procedure should use around five minutes; the only requirement is an email address.

Your free account provides you with uploads of 60 MB every month, and each month extends on the 13th. All in all, this will cater for all your requirements.

Note: Your previous notes will not count against this storage limitation after you reach rollover monthly.

Part 2. Create Notebooks and Notes

add new note

When you have initialized an account, Evernote will generate your fist notebook you’re your name on it. This notebook consists of each of all the notes you are going to create. To form a Note, simply press “New Note” on the top taskbar for Evernote. Consider a note a vibrant text document. To include data, you can easily type inside your notebook. However, you are also able to alter size, font, color and style, similar to any processing tool for word.

create a new note You are also able to use a number of varied searchable keywords to tag the notes you have. If you are handling a major project with numerous smaller pieces, form a “project” tag; you can quickly locate the tagged notes by searching for tags or simply pressing on the tags you often use. The desktop version of Evernote may also permit you to drag tags into the uppermost navigation bar for checking notes, thus it saves you a step.

Each of your notes are present in your notebook for default, however, it is simple to make new notebooks, too. It is a great method of arranging each of the notes you have into broader subjects like work or school.

Part 3. Using Extreme Functions

web clipperEvernote created a set of different tools which are connected with its management system. Those relations finally wind up in the notebooks you have again also. Evernote Web Clipper is among the most helpful tools, which is an extension for browser, for saving URLs, images and content; choose the entire page or only a section of the content – that portion will be saved in form of another Evernote Note.

You can choose the Web Clipper’s destination notebook together with whatever tags you desire to add. The Note will be saved into your preferable notebook with an URL attached. In this way, you can revisit the page anytime if need be. Make use of this vibrant feature such as recipes, articles and crafts you desire to go through afterwards.

In case you are searching for additional apps, browse “Trunk“ from Evernote. It presents many apps which utilize the API to reach your notebook, so as to improve your experience for Evernote, too.

Part 4. Evernote While on the Move

Evernote get its power from the cloud; therefore, it becomes extra helpful when you set it up through each of the mobile devices you have. The mobile app for Evernote presents an innovative suite of selections. Together with the capability to view your notes and notebooks on the app, you are able to tag content with your tablet camera or phone. Pick one or a number of images and include them with appropriate tags into your notes. Those Notes appear afterwards with picture previews, this feature is available in the desktop and mobile editions of Evernote as well. Evernote is additionally able to turn the content in your images into searchable content.

evernote on mobile

To form an image Note, press the icon for camera above the app; alternatively, form another Note as well as press the icon for camera above. The only area you can include images already saved in the Roll of your Camera is inside the Note. After saving the Note, the images appear within the thumbnails.

Utilize this for replicating data from a magazine or book into Evernote; alternatively, even transforming numerous business cards to virtual Rolodex. Evernote’s mobile app has a function for reminder also; therefore you are able to set alerts for Note at a particular time or day that sends you a reminder through push notification or email. Notes formed through mobile app are tagged by position also; therefore, you can remember where you noted down those sentences in a second of insight.

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Your best assistance for remembering daily trivialities, business cases, future events and information from various sources, improving your productivity and efficiency greatly.

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