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Best 10 Alternatives to Evernote

What's Evernote

Evernote is designed to make note taking easier than ever before. It is a free app that can be used on your smartphone or computer to bring more organization to your life. It is the ideal tool for business professionals and students alike. However, this note taker is not the only option to choose from. It might allow you to record notes with multiple forms of media, but it has also increased the difficulty. The large setup file and full-set of features may impede some users who’re looking for a simple solution. Also, there’re issues when copying images from notes to another document. Thus, we have come up a list of simpler alternative Evernote note taking services that have their own distinctive features. From free tools to some paid options that offer features different users desire, see how they could make your organization easier below.

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Simplenote Software




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No. 1 Simplenote

Score: 8.5/10; Platform: Win, Mac, iOS and Android

This note taking service is much simpler than Evernote, it’s the simplicity and wide compatibility (WinMac, iOS, Android, Kindle, ect) that attracts users. It has quickly become a popular choice for people who want to make quite notes or reminders.

Pros: The user interface of Simplenote is easy to understand at the first glance. This means that you can begin note taking in just a matter of seconds and won’t be confused with the interface design. It has a basic set of useful features that give you the ability to take notes in different ways and stay organized.

Cons: Evernote has more complex features that allow you to add other forms of media to your notes, but Simplenote is not overflowing with innovative features. This is the only real drawback of Simplenote.

Overall, Simplenote is a great alternative to Evernote and is actually the preferred choice of many.

simple note

No. 2 Microsoft OneNote

Score: 8.0/10; Platform: Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iOS

Microsoft’s fame product has extended the strengths in content editing and document processing. As a part of the Office 365 project, this tool can be used separately for all Windows system, Windows Phone, Android and iOS mobiles, etc. One Note lets people combine creative hand draws together with snapshots, texts, photos and others, giving amazing capability of making notes for just anything around you in possible occasions.

interface of onenote

Pros: If you are looking for a note taking services that is compatible with a number of different devices and platforms, this is the best option. The ability to add web clippings and additional features is also an added bonus.

Cons: The main downside is that the user interface is not quite as easy to learn. This offers additional features, which can be a bit tricky to master.

No. 3 DEVONthink

Score: 7.5/10; Platform: Mac, iOS

This Evernote alternative is more like a personal assistant that a note taking service. Except the essential function of adding texts, messages, notes, it also empowers you to perform advanced search to quickly locate your note. There’re also portable versions available for users. Actually, it allows you to do so much more than note taking, but these features come with a price.

devon interface

Pros: This is one of the most innovative note taking tools that you can use on your smartphone or computer. You can use it for notes, documents and bookmarks. It really does come in handy for business professionals that are on-the-go.

Cons: The only downside is that this is not really a free Evernote alternative. You have to pay for the additional features that come with it.

No.4 Google Keep

Score: 7.0/10; Platform: Any device with a browser and internet connection

Like Simplenote, this is a free Evernote alternative that is designed to make note taking easy. It is very minimal in overall design and has an easy to use interface that is being regarding as the perfect solution for note taking. Since it’s a Google’s featured product, there’s no doubt that it supports Android (app version)and Chrome (web version). Color codes, list based notes and the ability to easily share notes are the basic features that Google Keep does offer.

one note

Pros: It offers a grid based design that is easy to use and anyone can begin taking notes right away without any problems.

Cons: Still, the design might not be so appealing for some people and the features may seem to be lacking, but Google Keep does concentrate on the ability of taking useful notes.

No.5 SOHO Notes

Score: 7.0/10; Platform: Mac

With the interface looks like a personal mailbox, SOHO Notes works as recording notes in terms of text, voice recording, PDF, videos and web clippings, giving nice experience for Mac users. The distinctive feature lies in the calendar-based view , which lets you check into things in a time line more intuitively. It also has a nice design of tab system for labeling the works or daily tasks. However, this is not completely free and only works for Mac.

soho notes interface

Pros: You have the ability to store and save notes in a variety of different ways including voice, text, videos and pdfs.

Cons: This is not a free alternative to Evernote, which means that you have to pay $39.99 for the User Pack.

No.6 SpringPad

Score: 7.0/10; Platform: iOS

Despite the common note taking feature, this tool also lets you make to-do-list, food recipes and even the shopping list. It’s actually covering a wider range of requirements not limited to note taking. You’re enabled to boost your productivity at work and at home by utilizing the to-do-list. It also gives the sharing options in a more complete way by letting you create public notebooks – any stuff published on it will be shared with designated friends automatically. Any if you prefer, you could hide part of the content in a note and only manifest the others.

spring pad

Pros: This is a nice free alternative with its own strengths specialized in extreme functions for improving productivity. It’s also compatible with Android, iOS and Win/Mac systems.

Cons: Some might label this as a tool for recording daily chores, while it fails short in fulfilling business purposes.

No.7 Yojimbo

Score: 6.5/10; Platform: Mac

It’s an uncomplicated and well-organized app for people to collect and mange the files based on its tagging system. Since it mainly controls over the notes by applying tags, users have to be careful naming and organizing their tags. This tool comes really simple and ensures a smooth work-flow for users.


Pros: This app offers Wi-Fi synchronization and allows you to take notes in different forms. It has a powerful tagging and search system for tracking files precisely.

Cons: This app is only available for Mac. Date is not the first priority for arranging the notes which may discourage some users. Also, users may find it troublesome to name a tag for the note every time.

No.8 Nevernote

Score: 6.5/10; Platform: Windows

Nevernote is a clone of Evernote to compensate the lack of Linux version. Just like Evernote, this tool has got superb functions, turning it a good Evernote like software for those who like open source programs. It could work as a Linux client for Evernote and also lets you sign in using Evernote account. However, the interface is like an early version of Evernote and may take some time to get used to.

Pros: This is one of the most similar substitutes to Evernote and it offers decent features like creating multimedia notes, sharing bookmarks, tagging notes, etc.

Cons: It has extended the essential features of Evernote’s early version and lacks of advanced functions. Though the interface looks simpler, it’s also a bit outdated.

No.9 NoteSync Application

Score: 6.5/10; Platform: Windows and Mac

If you usually work with Google Docs, then this tool will comes in handy for your needs on note taking. As a click Adobe Air app for people to create notes with text elements, this tool lets you easily sync the content with Google Docs account. It works perfectly as creating a new Word doc to Google Docs without using your browser. It lists out all your tasks on a simple interface and that’s it. Though there’s no further editing function, it’s fairly enough for taking quick notes on desktop.

Pros: Full compatible with Win/Mac and can sync notes to Google Doc with ease.

Cons: No option for complex editing or flexible sharing.

No.10 Circus Ponies Notebook

Score: 6.0/10; Platform: Mac

It has probably the most intuitive interface which looks like a real notebook for you to keep notes, set project details and other sorts of stuff. It gives you the feeling like writing on a real paper sheet, but you can actually do more than that, because functions like highlights, stickers, keywords and labels are all available. Also, you could embed images and snapshots into your notes, too.

Pros: High quality features that are perfect for business professionals with notes and documents that are important. It gives you real feeling of taking notes on paper.

Cons: It’s only compatible with Mac and comes with a hefty price tag of $49.00, but it does allow you to enhance notes with color, highlighting and keywords.

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Top 10 Evernote Alternatives
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