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No matter the platform you are using, one thing is certain, there are many things happening in your life and you just can’t remember all of them. This is where the need for the Best note software comes into play. This type of applications are designed for taking notes, while also providing you with a great way to organize your notes and ideas in a reliable and professional manner, unlike never before. But since there are countless choices for multiple platforms, we have created a list with the best note software apps that you can find on each platform. No matter what device you are currently using, just read onward and you will be able to well preserve, accumulate and organize the information we got from various sources.

#1 Evernote - Best cross-platform note taking tool

evernote screenshot rating

our editor’s rating: 4.7/5.0

Evernote is the best cross-platform note taker that you can use. Not only does this app manage to provide you with a great high quality note writing experience, but it also offers insane capabilities that suit people of all ages. You can add in business cards, bring in pictures, store sounds and even include some short videos if you want, all of this accessible from a single refined interface. If you want a comprehensive note taking software for editing , storing and managing notes, then this is definitely what you need for sure, so try to keep this app in mind, you will love using it. The best part about it is that most functions are free and thus you won’t have to deal with any problems. However, if you do need capabilities like offline support for mobile, great security, attachment to your notes and refined search, then this is indeed a great solution that you need to check out.

Pros: Amazing quality, great feature set and a wonderful interface, as well as cross-platform support. Premium options of snapshots, sound recording, file attachment, etc (only available in paid version).

Cons: Lacks some security features that can only be found in the paid version. Some functions are not often used but inevitably increase the difficulty for beginners.

#2 Simple Note - Best note taking tool for web

simple note banner rating

our editor’s rating: 4.0/5.0

If you don’t want to download an application but you do want to keep your notes in a safe yet reliable web space, then you definitely need to give Simplenote a spin. This app can be found at and it provides you with a wonderful way to share your notes, even if they include multimedia items without any hassle. The best thing about Simplenote is that alongside being suitable for the web, it can be accessed from computer, mobile, tablets and other devices, so that you could work with it on a majority of devices with internet connection. The app creates a backup of all notes so you can access the older ones too, and you can also share a list, stay organized and access your content from any browser you want without any restrictions.

It’s an amazing app, and one that manages to bring in immense value to your productivity, all while not requiring even a single dime for everything. It’s definitely the best choice for you to make notes on web browser.

Pros: Free, easy to use, accessible from the web, no need to install.

Cons: No advanced features like tag management, searching, etc.

#3 OneNote - Best software for Windows

OneNote Screenshot rating

our editor’s rating: 3.8/5.0

If you use Windows, then you can also acquire some extraordinary results with the best note software we present here. OneNote is one of the best applications that you can use in this regard because not only this app manages to provide you with an amazing experience and great quality, but at the same time it’s designed with professionalism in mind as well.

It has a great interface, it’s a free download and maybe the best part about it is that it has a flexible hand draw panel, making it surprisingly beneficial for drawing down your brilliant ideas. You can also create mind-map like diagrams on the notes to quickly organize your ideas with no hassle. One Note works on all Windows based platforms including Windows phone, so you’re able to use it anywhere you can. Further, it also has wonderful sharing capabilities for exchanging your ideas or simply communicating with others. Simply put, Microsoft One Note is definitely one of the best Windows apps if you are looking for reliable and professional note taking for business or personal use.

Pros: Free, great interface, creative hand-draw panel, loads of note templates for organizing your ideas, works for Windows based devices.

Cons: Using it can be a little difficult since there are way too many features to use.

#4 Write App - Best for Mac

Wrtie App Screenshot rating

our editor’s rating: 3.5/5.0

When it comes to Mac, Write App is an amazing application if you want to write down notes in a professional manner and manage them with ease. The minimalist design works in its favor because it could engage you in recording things in mind and also getting a habit of taking notes. There’s a distinctive function of showing statistics of your doc in terms of words, images, paragraphs and more. And if you prefer, you could embed images, links and HTML code into the contents, too. It also has a unified library, unified tags and robust search which seamlessly combine in order to give you one of the best note taking experiences you ever had. You will surely appreciate the high quality.

Pros: Minimalist design, supports for notes in various forms, gives statistics for documents, displays contents in elegant way.

Cons: Lacks some advanced features like reminder. The design makes it suitable for recording word documents only.

#5 Vesper - Best for iPhone and Apple devices

Vesper snapshot rating

our editor’ rating: 3.0/5.0

Even if it’s not a free app, Vesper is one of the best note takers that you can use on iOS devices right now. Not only it comes with a stellar quality but at the same time it’s designed as an efficient and compact iOS app to gather your notes, ideas and things to do. The best thing about it is that everything you do when using this app seems natural and not forced, which is a major plus for sure. The distinctive feature lies in the fact that you could take note along with a photo in well-organized layout, making it impressive and can also encourage you to keep on making notes.

Pros: Decent interface, allows making notes efficiently on mobile, nice layout of combining image and text, intelligent tag management.

Cons: Not suitable for taking long notes or those with many types of contents. Not free.

#6 SomNote - Best for Andorid mobiles

SomNote logo rating

our editor’s rating: 3.0/5.0

SomNote is a powerful private journal app that also offers immense note taking capabilities. It’s free of charge which is right off the bat a major plus, but it also allows you to manage your notes in a reliable, professional manner without any major restrictions. SomNote provides simple but colorful folder icons for distinguishing your notes and also look nicely. It also provides a sketch book for users to import and edit images as part of their notes. The app is just a blast to use, for sure, and the experience that comes from using it is well worth your time and money guaranteed, just give it a shot and you will love it!

Pros: Free, great colorful interface, practical sketch book, security settings for protecting your notes, thumbnail views of notes, etc.

Cons: Notes in the list look so small and could be uneasy to sort out, ads along with usage, some glitches in syncing data to other devices.

#7 Google Keep - Best Solution for Saving Notes on Cloud

SomNote logo rating

our editor’s rating: 3.0/5.0

Google Keep seems to be minimal in the design and it works a bit similar to Google Doc. Thus, if you have been using Google Doc for some time, you will be quickly accustomed to Google Keep. You can access this app immediately as long as you have Gmail account. And all data you create under your account will be synced to Google Drive. Some people make see Google Keep as a successor of Google Notebook which was ceased in 2009, but this innovative solution is defeinitely more promising, it lets you take notes, create articles, embed images and also record narration. All such actions can be done on your mobile, computer, tablets, etc, so you can utilize it at anywhere without limits. Also, the built-in search function is outstanding and can help you quickly locate the previous notes due to Google's search technique.

Pros: A flexible grid-based design for people to easily arrange their images, audio clips and notes. You can access it from any devices and sync the data to Google Drive.

Cons: No advanced options for organize notes and display them intuitively currently.


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