Note Taker

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Note Taker

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Create Notes in Your Own Way

write contents

Write any type of content

Evernote is designed to provide you with a vast array of tools that are always at your disposal. One that you will love the most is definitely the unified workspace which provides you with immediate access to the features you might want or need, without any restrictions.

gather web info

Collect Data from Web

With this wonderful note taking app you can easily gather all information that you need from the web. You can literally opt for using any type of tool you want. From clipping web articles, getting photos or just working with handwritten notes, Evernote works it out with no problem.

adding multimedia

Add any Content You want

No matter the content type, you can easily add anything you might want, as long as it has 200 MB. It’s very easy to transfer files from one place to another this way, not to mention that the app’s interface is professional and suitable for this type of job.

Share Contents with Others

online collaboration

Online collaboration

You can easily communicate with your team members or share information right from within the app, without any hassle and restriction. All information is offered in a professional manner, and the results will be amazing for sure.

sync data


Evernote automatically syncs all your data and information between devices, which means that you can easily let your creative flow go wild, the app will take care of the rest for you without any restrictions.

schedule planner

Reliable Planning

Collaboration is taken to the next level with this great note taker because you can easily add notes and share them with your team. It’s a lot easier and faster to do so, not to mention that your team will enjoy the great results that come from using it!

More Valuable Functions...



You can access Evernote on a variety of platforms, from Windows to Mac or mobile, so you are not limited to write down your tasks any more. No matter where you are, you can easily write them down and search for the info you need on the other devices.

search notes

Search via Tags

Thanks to its revolutionary interface, you will enjoy using the search and tags functions. It allows you to look for the notes you made before by quickly going through the categories marked by tags or using the built-in search function by typing a keyword.

engaging interface

Engaging Interface

The interface gives users the feeling of using a notebook, encouraging them to make notes for the ideas in mind and record important events regularly. Most settings on the interface can be understood within a short while, leaving no barrier for users.

Version Comparsion

Free Version

Functions include taking notes, adding images, annotating contents with styles, highlighting specific parts, organizing notes via categories and tags, searching contents with tags, syncing notes between computer and mobiles, etc.

Standard Version

All functions available in free version and extra capabilities like visiting notes on mobile without internet, password protection and syncing with emails.

Pro Version

Despite the functions in Std and Free versions, it also provides extreme functions for users to deep search contents of notes, annotate PDF documents, attach files to notes, scan name cards and more.

User Testimonials

user review

Evernote has managed to save my life, it’s a great product that made me more productive and thanks to it I managed to start my own business. I love its interface and the great features it offers, not to mention that thanks to it I am more organized, so I recommend it to anyone interested in getting better results at work or who wants to manage stuff better.

-Jack from the UK

user review

I love Evernote since it’s one of the few applications that I tried and which fits right into my needs. It’s portable, syncs often and I can modify it as I see fit!

- Watt from CA

When to use Note Taker?

Just Came across an Idea

If you want to write down your notes when you have some creative ideas! This is a great place to be creative as you can easily have a wide range of notes to use depending on your situation.

Need to Organize Stuff

Evernote is designed to streamline your work and make things easier. This is why you should try to use it, because you can easily manage your tasks and write down notes based on what you want to do.

Access Notes on-the-go

Find it hard to check notes when you're outside? Evernote fits right in as one of the most impressive apps in this regard. No matter if you are on mobile or not, it syncs data throughout your devices.

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