Topic in Brief:
Screenshot IE Webpages

How often does it happen that you come across information on the internet that you want to quickly store for later use? This is seething that happens quite frequently- isn’t it? While we may not always be looking for information while on the internet, this not-so-little world has something to tell us every time we are on it. And we humans have a knack for forgetting stuff- probably one of the biggest lies that we tell ourselves is ‘I don’t need to note this, I’ll remember it’. Well, turns out- this will never work, and you do need to note stuff down.

take screenshot for ie

With the amount of information there could be on a web page, you cannot always note it down using pen and paper, can you? This is where a handy little technique, known as taking a screenshot, can help you. Simply put, a screen shot is a capture of your computer/laptop screen, or anything that is there on it now in an image. You can think of a screenshot like clicking a picture of your computer screen.

I. Purposes of Creating Screenshots on IE

We come across screenshots every day, and yet do not realize it. Some of the most common places where you see screenshots being used include:

  • - Software installation tutorials to guide people through the various steps.
  • - Online reviews of software, websites and other internet based services.
  • - Product catalogue pages on various review websites
  • - Websites like online casinos, games and so on.
  • - Screenshots of error messages to post on forums while searching for a solution.

These are just a few places where you will find screenshots. As you browse the internet with Internet Explorer, you will come across various situations where taking a screenshot may be the easy and effective thing to do. This could be for storing the information that there is on some website, for taking images of a product/service to review it on a blog, screenshots of chats that you may want to store and anything else where you have something of value on your IE screen.

II. Ways to Create Snapshots on IE Browser

Now that you know what all you can use screenshots for as you use IE, you will want to know the best methods of doing so. There are several ways for taking a screenshot on IE, but the three most commonly used are the ones described further.

1. Printing Screen with Shortcuts on Win/Mac

In Windows, pressing the ‘Prt Sc’ key will copy your entire screen(including everything there is on it at present- active windows, the toolbars and anything else that is visible to you at present) to the clipboard. You can then paste it into any program depending on how you want to use it- in Paint if you want to save the image, in a Word Document or PowerPoint Presentation if you are working on a presentation and so on.

print windows screen

The snipping tool in Windows PCs is also a handy utility that you can make use of. With this, all you have to do is open the snipping tool, click on ‘New’ and then select the area of the screen that you want to save. It will then let you save this screenshot as an image wherever you want to.

snipping tool

In Mac, you have to press the "Command", "Shift" and "3" key to take a screenshot. This is automatically saved as a PNG file on the desktop. And if you want to choose a region to snapshot, you could press the key combination of "Command", "Shift" and "4" to snapshot the webpage on IE.

print screen on mac


  • - Quick, easy and simple- it takes no more than a few seconds.
  • - You can copy the entire screen into any place where you want to use it.
  • - Especially useful if you want screenshots to insert in a presentation or document.


  • - It will copy the entire visible screen-, which means that you cannot select a specific area in the screen.
  • - If you want to insert a specific part of the image in any document, then you will have to first paste it into Paint or any image editing software, edit it, and then copy and paste.

2. Snapshot IE Webpage with Online Tools is a simple tool that lets you take the screenshot of a full web page. All you have to do here is to submit the link/URL of the page you want to capture, and it will do the rest.


  • - Web pages can be stored as a PDF file, JPG image and even converted to SVG.
  • - Long pages can be saved in a single screenshot, without any editing required.
  • - No additional downloads are required to use it.


  • - It does not work with sites where you need to login or are password protected.
  • - You cannot take screenshots of local links.
  • - There may be an issue with https websites.

3. Free Standalone Program to Snapshot IE Webpages

Screen Grabber Free is a handy free tool that you can use to take screenshots of complete web pages on Internet Explorer. It allows you to capture IE web pages in flexible ways without having to learn how it operates.  All you have to do is to download it and install it on your computer. Then you will see the interface as below. Just choose Manual Screenshot option and select from Full Screen, Window or Region to snapshot IE pages. Then open the page you want to save and click the red camera-like button to start creating a screen-shot.

starter interface

windows trial for freemac free trial


  • - The program is free but the functions are not simple.
  • - Quick and easy to use. All the work can be done in a few clicks and seconds.
  • - Several capture modes are provided to let you take screenshots more conveniently.
  • - Apart from taking snapshots, it can also help you catch any activity on your computer screen and save them as videos in AVI, WMV and FLV.


  • - Requires an external download, so setting up may take some time.
  • - Additional editing functions are not available. If you need to annotate the snapshot immediately after it has been taken, you will need the help of other image editing programs.

With multiple ways to take screenshots, both on Mac and Windows PCs, there really is no excuse for you to not use this handy function anymore. So the next time you come across something interesting and worth saving while you are on Internet Explorer, you will know what to do!