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Screenshot FireFox

Screenshots taken from browsers are used in a large variety of settings. Web page designers do need these browser screenshots for checking the compatibility of browsers quickly in various systems and gamers use these screenshots to show off their powerful weapons and their outfits when they are playing games on the web. Whatever the main purpose is for using the screenshots, it has been observed that people have been using the FireFox browser frequently.

snapshot on firefoxBefore the web page designers or developers start using an extension, they have to understand its purpose. The main benefit of the use of a screenshot extension is the ability they are provided to take one screenshot of a full page even if that page is stretching out of their area of viewing. Screenshot extensions enable the developers to upload screenshots quickly to several image hosting websites. Therefore, it is essential to understand when you have to use shortcuts. It would be smarter to use Windows’ shortcuts as it will be the fastest way to take screenshots when you are not able to install extensions or when you want to take a screenshot of the window of FireFox itself.

I. Basic Way of Making Screenshots for FireFox on Windows

In order to create a screenshot on Windows operating system, you will have to select the screen presented in a way that you want captured in a screenshot. Then, you can press "Print Screen" which is usually placed on the upper right corner of the keyboard. You can hold down the "Alt" key for capturing the active window before you press the "Print Screen" option. You have to then go to the Start Menu and open "Paint" program. Once this is opened, click on "Paste" and the screenshot will appear. The image could be saved as "PNG" file on the desktop.

print screen on firefox

Also, when you have to take screenshots of the interface of FireFox for tutorials or any troubleshooting purposes, the Snipping Tool or the shortcuts provided on the Windows keyboard will come in useful:

snipping tool

II. Making Screenshots for FireFox on Mac

And in order to create a screenshot on Mac, you have to hold down the "Command" key for capturing the screen. While doing this, you have to also hold the "Shift" and press "3". For capturing a specific section, you have to hold Shift 4. You have to then pick the area that you want copied. Consequently, there will be a "PNG" file created on the desktop and it will be known as "Picture 1".

print screen on mac

III. Free Desktop Software for Taking Firefox Screenshots (Win/Mac)

Another way to create screenshots from Firefox is to use a free screenshot capture program. Here Screen Grabber Free is recommended as the best tool to capture Firefox screenshots. With it, you can take screenshots in Full Screen, Region or Window efficiently. Plus, you can also set to take screenshots in interval automatically so you won’t miss anything even if you are away from the computer. Besides, it can also serve as a screen recorder to capture any screen activity as videos and save them in popular formats for portable devices, online video sharing sites, Facebook, etc.

starter interface

Simply download and install the program on your computer. Run it, configure the output image format and the destination folder to save the screenshots. Then open Firefox and display the page you need to capture. And choose a capture mode to start taking snapshots of Firefox. Both Windows and Mac versions are available. Just download it and have a try!

windows trial for freemac free trial

IV. Browser Extension for Taking Screenshot on Firefox

The above methods work for capturing the current screen of webpage only. If you're willing to add annotations and touch up your screenshot right after taking it, you need to rely on a third-party tool. A browser extension for creating screenshots will be able to capture the content of an entire webpage in just a single file.

lightshot on firefox

Lightshot is a tool that allows you to make screenshots easily if you want to select certain areas in the browser tabs. All you have to do is to hit the "Lightspot" icon on your status bar or the toolbar and then select the area you want to make screenshots from. The process of taking the screenshots through Lightshot will vary based on what screenshot methods you adopt. There are various techniques available:

  • Free Form – You will be able to draw shapes of the screenshots that you have to take. This particular mode will allow you to make a screenshot in whatever shape you desire.
  • Rectangular – You will have to click and then drag in order to create rectangles on your screen. All content within this rectangle will be captured in your screenshot.
  • Full Screen – The display on the entire page will be captured instantly.
  • Windows – You will have to click on the window that you have to capture in your screenshot.

Taking screenshots of web pages has become a common job for all Information Technology professionals and web developers. While there are many applications for screenshots on stand-alone basis with some built-in operating system tools, users of FireFox get to have a third option of add-ons that allow them to tae, edit and also share the web page screenshots.