Topic in Brief: Screenshot Chrome

Chrome is an energy efficient and faster browser than several others that are available today. It is one of the most favored browsers on Win/Mac system. Websites have become more responsive and there are numerous handy tools which help you in saving, locating and sharing your favorite web pages. Chrome also works with iCloud to enable you to browse seamlessly across several of your devices.

The ability to take screenshots at a quick pace is one of the best features that have been provided in Win/Mac system. People come across various needs and they have to capture full web pages. Based on the length of the web pages, users could serve their need of including full web pages in business documents. They could also be embedded on the websites and can be of a fairly legible quality.

I. Capture Screenshot on Chrome Online

By visiting our site's free webpage capture app, you're able to capture the full snapshot of any page on Chrome. It's reaily to use online that you only need to enter the URL of a webpage to capture it. You could also choose the view of webpage screenshot on iPhone, Android, desktop, etc. Once done with entering the URL and selecting device you're using, you could click on "Capture" and wait a short while to get the snapshot.

out snapshot webpage app

II. Desktop Software to Capture Chrome Screenshots on Win/Mac

It's also a good way to capture Chrome screenshots with the help of a screen grabber program. With Acethinker Screen Grabber Free, you can easily capture all or just part of the web pages on Chrome. What's more, you can set to let the program take snapshots automatically in interval so you will not miss anything even if you are not in front of the computer. Apart from being a screenshot grabber, it can also be used as a video recorder to record any activity on your computer screen and save them in popular formats and playing and sharing anywhere you like. The software interface is as below. As you can see, all the work can be finished in a few seconds.

starter interface

Click the Free Download button below to get and install the software on your hard drive. Launch it and choose the output picture format and the folder to save Chrome screenshots. Then open Chrome and display the page you want to capture. And choose from Full Screen, Region or Window to take screenshots of the whole computer screen, only the Chrome page, or just a specified area of the Chrome webpage. Both Windows and Mac versions of this freeware are available. Don't hesitate. Get it now and have a try!

windows trial for freemac free trial

III. Default Way to Capture Screenshots on Chrome

Chrome on the net has remained as the default browser of many system devices. However, not many people who use Win/Mac are not aware of how to capture screenshots on it. There are various ways of how this can be done. There is a default shortcut provided on the keyboard. In addition, there are third party tools.

Guide For Taking Chrome Screenshots on Windows

It's quite simple to snapshot the webpages on Windows. You just activate the Chrome browser and forward to the webpage with content that you need to record. And then you could press "Fn" and "Print Screen" key on your keyboard to capture the current screen. Once done, go for "Paint" in Windows accessories and press "Ctrl" plus "V" to paste the screenshot. You could also keep going with editing your image before saving it to local JPG/PNG file.

shortcuts for print screen windows

Guide for Taking Screenshots on Mac

You can capture screenshots of the entire screen of a web page or just a part of it. These screenshots can be automatically saved on your desktop in the PNG format.

  • - When you want to take a screenshot of the entre screen, you have to press the "Command" + "Shift" + "3" keys. This saves the screenshot on your desktop in the PNG format.
  • - When you want to take a screenshot of a section of the screen page, then you have to press "Command", "Shift" and "4". The pointer will change its appearance to a crosshair pointer. You have to move this crosshair pointer to the place where you want to begin taking the screenshot. You have to drag in order to choose an area. While you are dragging, you have to hold "Shift" and the "Option" keys to change the way the selection has to move.
  • - After you have chosen a particular area of the web page, you have to release the track pad button or your mouse.
  • - In order to cancel, you have to press the Escape key before you release the track pad button. The screenshot will be saved on your desktop as a PNG file.

print screen on mac

The above methods work for capturing the webpage on current screen only, while you need to utilize third-party tools for capturing the entire webpage including the part extends beyond screen.

IV. Using Browser Extensions to Capture Screens on Chrome

Chrome browser provides very useful screen capture extensions and they are all handy. Some of them enable you to capture the productive and the visible part of a screen or a document that you may be working on. Below are the benefits brought by the extensions that will be introduced after the jump.

  • - Chrome extensions for capturing screenshots allow you to choose the pixel size and the clarity that you need. You can trim and edit the screenshot and remove parts that are unnecessary and save it to your preferred extension so that it may be easy to open later and share.
  • - You could edit it directly on the spot and capture the screenshots. You can save them on the desktop by dragging and then dropping them there.
  • - You could also upload these screenshots to your preferred social networking channels like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook by clicking on the relevant options.
  • - You could use details such as locations and tags while taking the screenshots so that it makes sense to you when you view them at a later time.

Here are some of the popular extensions in Chrome for capturing screenshots.

Snapper – You can take a screenshot of any web page that you are viewing currently and drag that image to the desktop or any application. You can also drag it to a selected folder.

web snapper

Awesome Screenshot - You can capture, share or annotate the screenshots with a simple click. It also shows annotations with text and shapes, area dimensions. You can even blur the screenshot.

awesome screenshot plugin

LightShot Extension – It helps you in taking screenshots of web pages and sending them at a rapid speed to UpShot. These shots can be saved in the form of drafts and you can modify them at a later time before sending finally to your business clients or selected audience.

lightshot for chrome


The default method of capturing screenshots on Chrome browser is easy to follow and simple to use. The browser extensions could also be used to capture screenshots and make annotations by adding text, arrows and rectangles. There is much room for flexibility as you are allowed to upload images and screenshots captured in Chrome to cloud space that has been provided by the developers of this browser.