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There are all kinds of reasons people need to take screen captures of webpages, programs, documents, and various other items on their computer screens. Sometimes, it’s to record how something interacts on a webpage for debugging. Other times, it’s to share something with a friend or save it for themselves to read later. No matter what the reason, this webpage screen capture tool can help you quickly solve out the snapshots for webpages.

Essential Features

Screen capture Webpage via URL

This powerful feature lets users make screen captures of webpages by simply entering their URL. It also offers the options of capturing the current screen or full page, letting you quickly get desired screenshots for target webpage without having to visit it.

Customizable Images

You can customize your images in ton of ways. Scale both the quality and size of captured screenshots. The scale for size is extremely flexible: going all the way from 1 : 1,280. Resolutions may also be adjusted from 200x200 to 1280x1024 to adjust for browser window size.

All kinds of editing options

Most of the time, you don’t just need to capture a page, you need to highlight something about it. The powerful suite of editing features available will let you do whatever you need to in order to highlight, annotate, and explain the content of the screen capture. Use circles, draw lines, add text, a watermark, or a variety of other editing options to customize your capture just how you want it.

Cloud storage

Need a place to store all those screen captures? Not a problem. Without registration, you could have access to storage space for your website screen captures free of charge. This cloud storage is secure and protected to ensure user’s privacy. Sharing the images in your cloud is as simple as creating a link and passing it along as well.

bullet pointSoftware for Taking Webpage Screenshots

When you want to capture the screen itself, including window or contents beyond the webpage, you’ll need a full screen capture program like Screen Capture Pro that gives you all the features with the ease-of-use that will save you time. Coming up with more than 10 capture modes, this tool has included both an instant image editor which can be used upon the creation of screenshot and an advanced editor for polishing images. It will allow you to edit, explain, highlight, or annotate the screenshot in any way you need to. Draw shapes, underline, add effects, or use any number of other powerful features to improve your screen shot. Once an highlighted screenshot is done, you can then share it to presets of social channels or store it to Cloud space without registration.

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bullet pointGuides for Making Screenshots on Specific Web Platforms

Do you wonder a more intuitive or comprehensive guide on the specific case you're in? Find the answers here.

Snapshot Google Map: Best way for you to create snapshot for Google Map and share it for pointing the direction or other purposes.

Make YouTube Screenshots: Creating screenshots on YouTube videos lets you quickly share it with ease, use it as thumbnail view, or fulfil other purposes.

Create Screenshots on Facebook - Do you want to preserve the information seen on Facebook pages by taking snapshot for them? Now you could find comprehensive answers here.

Ways to take Snapshot on Safari, Chrome, FireFox, IE Browser, Opera, UC Browser: Valuable tips for creating screenshots on the webpages in main-stream web browsers.

How to Capture the entire webpage on Browser - A specific guide for users to snapshot scrollable pages on browsers.

bullet pointSimilar Webshot Online Apps

If you’re looking for a similar webpage capture online app, then Awesome screenshot will be one of the reliable choices. It actually provides a number of additional web page screen capture features though it may equally take your time to go through. This app can be installed on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox and is an extension rather than a stand-alone program which makes it easier to integrate use with your favorite browser. Unlike many of its parallel, it allows you to select just a section of the page you’d like to screen shot as well as the whole. It’s also got a full suite of image editing and annotation tools making it one of the more robust and versatile options out there.

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User Guide

Step 1: Search for the URL of a webpage that you’re looking to screen capture, enter it into the above field, and then hit “Take Screenshot”.

Step 2: Wait a few seconds for generating screenshot and then you could check the preview of the webpage with options below it.

Step 3: Choose the resolution and quality standard as you desired for the screenshot, and then you could either save it to local drive or upload it to the cloud space provided by the developer.

Usage of Web Screenshots

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