Topic in Brief: Recover iOS SMS

SMS is a powerful part of everyday iPhone use as millions of people text to each other on a daily basis. While this form of messaging is simple and straightforward, it is also possible to lose the texts which you may need for a variety of reasons. Whether you are trying to recall a particular message or you have work-related reasons to keep full documentation of your SMS messages, recovering those that are lost may seem out of reach for many.

Fortunately, there are a couple of iPhone SMS recover systems in place that will allow you to retrieve messages that otherwise would be lost. However, it is important to understand the situations in which people might lose SMS before getting into the solutions.

I. How People Lose Messages on Their iPhone

There are a number of ways to lose SMS messages on your iPhone which will require recovery on your part. Here are the most common ways that messages can be lost.

  • Accidental Deletion: Probably the most common method of losing messages as every day people either eliminate too many messages or simply hit the wrong command.
  • Replacing iPhone: This is one of the most common ways that people lose their messages when upgrading to a new iPhone.
  • Error in Transfer Process: When upgrading to a new iPhone or replacing the one that you have there can be an error in transferring the stored messages over to the new phone.

This also applies if you should have your iPhone stolen or damaged to the point where it needs to be replaced. Any action that causes you to replace your iPhone means the possibility for losing the text that is stored in your gadget.

II. Manually Recover SMS Messages on Your iPhone

The manual SMS recovery iPhone techniques are fairly easy to initiate, although they will take a little time to properly use. In this manner, you can access iPhone SMS recover free if you put in a little effort and follow the directions.

restore manually from iTunes backup

iCloud Recover: If you have backed up your iPhone to iCloud, then you should be able to do an iPhone text message recovery fairly easily. In fact, each time you synced with your Mac or PC, the texts inside was backed up.

  • - Sign into iCloud
  • - Click on Text Messages (If it is not present, then you have no backup)
  • - If you see the messages, choose the ones you want to reload
  • - Go to your iPhone and select Settings, iCloud
  • - Turn off Text Messages
  • - Select “Keep on my iPhone” on the pop up
  • - Turn on Text Messages
  • - Select “Merge” and wait a few minutes for the deleted text messages will appear back on your iPhone.

If you cannot do an iPhone SMS recover free on iCloud, you can always go through the iTunes system.

  • - Connect iPhone and sync with your PC, then open iTunes
  • - Select iPhone at the top right-hand corner
  • - Select “Restore Backup”

All the data that you backed up will now start filtering back into your iPhone. Like the iCloud it will take a few minutes. If neither of these options is viable, you can try a third party app which may help you with deleted SMS recover iPhone process. However, there is another option when using the professional Program.

III. Using iOS Data Recovery

This is an automated program that helps you with your SMS recover iPhone product. Instead of going with a slower manual system, you can instead incorporate this iPhone SMS recovery software that will help you restore your messages even faster.

win free trial mac trial for free

Download and install the program on your computer, then you can quickly and easily to restore SMS text to your iPhone:

  • - Connect iPhone to computer
  • - Run this program
  • - Click “Start Scan” and do not disconnect your iPhone during this process

When the scanning is done, choose “Messages and Message Attachments” and preview all the recoverable texts one at a time. You can select what you want to save and then click “Recover” which gives you the choice of recovering to your iPhone or the computer. By doing this, you can also recover emoji and attachments as well.

Another way to restore you messages is using the program to retrieve the texts from you iCloud backup.

  • - Go to “Recover from iCloud Backup File”
  • - Log into iCloud account
  • - Select backup file for download
  • - Click “message” in popup and “message attachments” for download

restore from icloud

This way, you can just download the text messages and attachments which is a fairly quick process. You can then preview the messages in iCloud and choose the ones that will go to either your iPhone or computer. By connecting your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable and selecting “Recover to Device”, it will be more convenient to view your messages on your iPhone.

You can also use iTunes just like in the manual iPhone SMS recover system, although with this program it will be automated as well.

  • - Choose “Recover from iTunes Backup File
  • - Select the text messages you want to recover from the list presented
  • - Choose “Start Scan” which will extract the available files

restore from itunes

As with the iCloud recovery, you can preview and choose the messages that you want to recover in “Messages” and “Message Attachments”. When you click “Recover”, you will have the choice of sending the messages to your iPhone or computer.

III. Conclusion

Overall, having the program will allow you to SMS recovery iPhone is a quick, automatic way that is less time consuming that doing it manually. For those who are concerned about losing their texts on the iPhone, having a program like iOS Data Recovery will make the process of iPhone text message recovery far easier and faster. In this manner, you can restore your text messages that were accidentally lost and have more confidence in recovering them in the future as well.