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Topic in Brief: Restore iMessage

“Is it possible to get messages that are at the very top of my message page since scrolling my phone history becomes impossible after a while?”

Unlike other popular text messages like MMS or SMS, there are distinct advantages to the iMessage. As a great feature comes with iOS devices, the long list of iMessage conversations can be accessed when all your devices are connected together. Lots of free messages with attached links, videos, photos, contacts or locations can be sent via Wi-Fi to one person or many friends at the same time with iMessage. A growing number of iDevice customers are generally using the iMessage. There is also an iPhone Data Recovery tool that helps recover the iMessages on your iPhone, in case it is deleted.

I. The Most Appropriate means

In recovering deleted iMessages on iPhone, iPod and iPad, a professional recovery tool like the iPod iPhone Data Recovery is best to use. Deleted iMessages can be restored in two main ways; the first is restoring files by extracting them from your iTunes backup files, while the second way is by scanning lost files on your iPhone.

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1.1 Recover iMessages directly without Backup from your iPhone

Download the program and install before running it on your computer. Then the program's window will require you to click "Start" to scan it.

start with scan

Note: There is an "Advanced Mode" platform If an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G is connected that enables a deeper scan.

The program then leads you to scan your iPhone. The last step to be taken is to preview as well as check your previous data. Check them one after the other and click recover to get them saved on your computer.

1.2 How to recover iMessage contents from iTunes backup

It is well known that automatic backup of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad data is possible with iTunes when you sync with it. The backup to your iPhone can be directly restored after the loss of data. After entering this recovery mode as seen in the windows above, all your backup files on the device type will be automatically listed. In the case where there is more than one backup date, choose the latest date on your iPhone and scan by clicking ‘Start’ to begin extracting it for your iMessage.

extract itunes backup

The whole content of the backup file is displayed in details after extraction is over. You can then preview your messages and iMessage conversation by selecting messages on the left side of the window. Select the ones you need recovered and click the "Recover" button at the top of the window, and save them with a simple click on your computer.

recover scanned files

II. Other recovery methods that require Backup

There are many third-party apps that can read your messages database to recover your entire iMessage history, if the iMessages from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch are actually still intact and not deleted.

PhoneView is certainly a good solution to recover for Mac users. It will directly read your message database, from your iOS device or from your iTunes backup that store your messages in an archive in its own database, which makes retaining copies even after deleting from your device possible. If it has ever been synced to PhoneView, the recent backup view shows what is on your device, while the "archive" view shows all the data that has ever been on your device.

phone view

III. More solutions available for use by Windows users

Theoretically, restoring messages is still possible even if they have been deleted. They are only overwritten when other data are used to replace them since they are not purged from the database (SMS.DB) right away. It is a complex process that needs manual or expensive third-party forensic data recovery tools for forensic examination of the raw database as such it is not a process that the average user will want to use.

IV. Extra Tips: When iMessage is not working, send a text message

In all of those scenariOS there is still a way to send a Message to your friend is still possible somehow where you can tell them to turn on their iMessages, or you can tell them that buying that Android phone was a mistake. Use the message app to compose your message to your friend, then press send, Make sure you have data connection like 3G or 4G or WiFion your phone to send the iMessage.

imessage not delivered send imessage

If you don’t have a data connection, the message would not go but would keep an incomplete blue line on the surface. The solution to this is to hold down the message you want to send. The option ‘Send as Text Message’ will appear when you tap and hold the message bubble. Select it and the message will be delivered as a text. This you would be able to tell since rather than blue, it will be green.