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Images have already become an important part in digital life, making it much easier to express ideas, store information, communicate with others or for various purposes. Many of us are familiar with searching, viewing, storing or collecting images on computer. By uploading images to the web, you have the options of sharing them via link, embed into blog post or send via Email and others. This way also saves up your disk space and makes it possible to access your images on cloud at any time. We are presenting you a very good, reliable image uploader that will make the process as easy as dragging and dropping your file.

Essential Features

Security Upload

Despite the basic image uploading function, you could even choose to set a password so that no one aside from yourself will be able to access the image whenever you want. Password protection is something that’s very important in the online world, you will be able to obtain all the necessary security you might need for your private images.

Image links for sharing

Once you upload images to the web, you will have the opportunity to view links and use them for forums, blogs or any other place on the web. It provide you with a direct link, a HTML link that can be included in your site, and also BB code for posting to forum. Even if you are on another computer, you can still share and use these links without a problem.

Access image anywhere

A nice feature here is the cloud storage. There is no need to store your files offline now, the images are kept in the online world and they can be accessed immediately via a link. With this application, you may also download images at any given time you might want. No matter when and how you want to download the uploaded file, you can do that, as you just need to access the link and get the photo from there.

Lastly, you have sharing options. You can even share the image to Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter.

bullet pointAlternatives Image Uploader

Free Image Uploader is the most conveient image uploader app, but there are many other sites that you can use in order to upload image to web.

1. Tiny Pic

This tool allows you to upload images, add tags, resize them if needed and once the process is completed you can share via mail with your friends. Once the image is uploaded, it will automatically be posted in the online gallery that the site has.

2. Post Image

This is a minimalist image uploader that enables you to resize the image if needed. It also has an option that allows you to check if the content is ok for kids or more suitable for adults. A nice addition here comes in the form of a desktop app that was created specifically for Windows and which streamlines the upload process.

Either option you might choose will bring you great quality, but at the same time remember that they do have some good features so no matter which one you choose, the experience will be well worth your time, that’s a guarantee!

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User Guide

It only takes a few clicks to upload your images onto cloud, then you will be given links in several forms for posting your stuffs on web or sharing via social network.

Step 1: Check the interface of this app, press the “Browse and upload images” icon to load images, but at the same time you can drag or drop images into the region. It all comes down to you and your needs.

Step 2: Locate an image file in your local drive, you just need to wait until the upload image process is finished, you will then receive a message to remind you.

Step 3: Then all you have to do is to get the image URL that comes in multiple formats and share it with any person you might want. This is the entire image upload process and it can be performed in a matter of seconds.

Usage of Pic Uploader