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Split PDF File

PDF is the abbreviation of Portable Document Format. Since the name shows, it is basically a format of data and is used for describing the documents. Adobe is the developer of Portable Document Format (PDF). They have marketed the software for creating, editing and visualizing the PDF files. All the different specifications of the format of files are supposed to be available everywhere publicly. In some areas like prepress, this type of format is mainly used as a format for exchanging data by different ways. The formatting of file is also famous among the soft-proofing as well as the in reviewing the content.

In spite of the fact that the PDF files are considered to be perfect to present and preserve large docs, still there are the times when they are required to be split down into smaller files. It is a very convenient way to eliminate the unimportant content and thus makes the size of the file smaller and easier to handle.


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Edit PDF Pages


Out of all the tools for splitting PDF files, there is a more comprehensive tool named the PDF Writer. It does the following tasks:

Guide on how to split a PDF

Step 1. Launching and loading the PDF doc

You need to double click the icon of “pen” in order to launch your program; in main interface, select the option “File menu”; click “Open” for selecting the PDF docs that are to be edited. In a simple way, you also have the option to drag you file and drop it to the interface.

load pdf file

Step 2. Editing the PDF Pages

For this, you first have to go to the main interface and select the edit menu. After that you are required to choose the option for editing texts & images; then the editing can be done in the same way as in Office. In order to split the current document, you just need to go for "Pages" tab on right pane, and then select "Split Document". You can then specify the page numbers for dividing the file.

split pdf

Step 3. Save and Publish File

After completing the work, you can simply save the document by clicking the button in the File Menu. Your PDF can also be mailed directly or printed as a hard copy.

Key Features of PDF Writer

Editing of the content

It helps in adding, deleting and editing text in a very easy way. It also allows you to insert, edit and delete the images in a very simple and quick way. Background images, watermarks, annotations, etc. can also be added to the pages of PDF. You can do all these tasks by a few clicks.

eidt pdf text

Adding the comments

It is a very common ting to add comments in the PDF file especially when it is supposed to be shared between different people. Different types of annotations like highlighting, underlining, and other sort of text editing is offered to be used in the PDF comments.

annotate on pdf pages

Organizing PDF pages

There are different ways provided to the users for editing the pages in the PDF file. The pages can be inserted, deleted, extracted and the documents can be split in a simple and easy way.

Enriching PDF file with the background

This tool is known for adding a perfect background to your PDF file. The source can be chosen according to your own choice.

Adding Watermark to PDF pages

This function of adding watermark is greatly used in the area of business. There are different options available in this function and they make it highly customized.

watermark on pdf

Setting an Open Password

If you do not want your PDF file to be viewed by any other person, you can simply set your password for making it safe and preventing other to view it.

Setting a Permission Password

With the help of this type of password encryption, the users of PDF need a password for changing the settings of security and getting an access to some of the specified functions. It is a great way for the creators of PDF to restrict the access of the files.



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Edit PDF Pages


One of such tools that are famous for splitting PDF into smaller chunks is known as Smallpdf. This tool can be downloaded but you can use it online as well. For that, you just have to upload the specific file and select those pages from the document that are required to be saved in the new file. Then press the button for splitting and download your file. This is something really simple.

Advantages of the tool

There are a number of advantages of this software that include the following:

  • - Smallpdf has a splitter that shows you the preview of the selected pages so that you do not face any difficulty afterwards.
  • - The tool offers you the services at quite reasonable rates.
  • - The privacy policy of the software, makes it secure to be used.
  • - The software lets you split the files on any sort of OS like windows, mac, etc.
  • - Smallpdf does the processing of the files in the cloud and it does not use any of the resources of your computer.

Conclusion - which one is better?

The splitting and editing of different PDF files and documents is an important task to do and it can be beneficial in a number of ways. There are different tools and software available on the internet that can be used for this purpose. However, the most reliable and comprehensive of all these tools is the PDF writer. You can check out the details about this tool. It is very simple and easy tool to be used and you can follow the three steps in order to get you document split, edited or whatever you want to do with it. You can also get some tips for using this software in a better way by visiting the web-site available for this tool on the internet. This tool is easily accessible for all the users and is feasible to be used in every way.