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Remove PDF Image

PDF documents are no doubt a great way to send and share documents in a secure and hassle-free manner. However, it has cons just like everything else. One of the major disadvantages with PDF files is that modifying them cannot be done directly from the viewer. This means that if you have a large PDF file with several images, and its total size exceeds 25 MB, then you will not be able to send it by e-mail.

That is not the only scenario- you could want to change the images in the PDF document, modify them, use a smaller resolution to decrease the size or just format the document. Regardless of what it may be, performing this task directly from your PDF reader is not possible. This is where the need for a handy tool that can do the task for you comes in. As you read ahead, you will come across some of the best ways to remove images that are present in your PDF documents.


AceThinker PDF Writer

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Acethinker PDF Writer is one of the most functional and easy to use of PDF editing tools that you will find. Some of the salient features that you get with Acethinker PDF Writer include:

  • - It lets you edit images as well as the text in PDF files in many different ways. You can add, remove and edit the contents as per your requirements.
  • - Different pages of the PDF file can be split, deleted and can be moved to create a specific order. You can even add another page to the PDF file at any sequence number.
  • - To make sharing the file among many people easier, you can add comments to the PDF document. Annotation options include highlighting, strikethrough, underline and markups of different types to make commenting useful.
  • - You can add and edit backgrounds as well as watermark to the PDF files.
  • - For securing the PDF document, you can add a file-open password. In addition to that, you can also set a permission password that will limit access for specific editing and security-related functionalities of the PDF document.

Now that you know what all Acethinker PDF writer is capable of, let us go through the 3 simple steps that you have to follow for deleting images in the PDF file.

1. The first step is to go todownload the PDF writer setup and install it. The entire process will not take you more than a few minutes.

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2. After installation completes, double click on the Acethinker PDF Writer icon to open the software. When it opens, click on "File" - "Open" and browse to the particular PDF file whose images you want to delete.

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3. When the PDF file opens, click on Edit Text and then expand the Content Editing tab by clicking on it. In this tab, select the Edit Text & Images option- as you do that, the text and different images present in the PDF file will be highlighted. You can then delete the specific images that you want to remove by clicking on them to select and then pressing the delete button.


PDF Escape Editor

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PDFescape Editor is another good option to remove images from PDF pages. The only downside of this program is that it has a large installation with a rather complicated UI. Nevertheless, let us go ahead and see how you can remove images using PDFescape editor.

1. Download the PDFescape Desktop by logging on the website and installing the setup.

2. Double click on the PDFescape icon to run it. Then select the Open PDF option, browse to the PDF file in which you want to make the requisite changes and open it.

3. When the PDF file is opened, first browse to the page of the PDF where the image you want to delete is located. At the menu bar on the top, select the Edit option, then in the options that appear, again select the Edit tab. This will let you select particular areas of the document. Click on the image that you want to remove to select it and then press the delete key. With just that, the image will be deleted from the PDF file!

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Thus, with this, you now know of two different ways to remove images from your PDF files. This should be sufficient to get you started on modifying your PDF documents exactly the way you want.