How to Use AceTinker PDF Writer

This tutorial shows you how to easily and quickly edit your PDF documents by editing texts, images, organizing pages, etc. like a pro. Please note that we only have Windows version currently while the Mac version is under development.

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Part 1. Getting Started

To start with, download the program from given link, and then install it following the instructions on dialog. When it’s done, you will see a shortcut on your desktop, double click it to activate the program. Trial users can evaluate the software and access all functions as described in later parts, but mind that there will be watermark attached to your file.

If you have a licensed key, please forward to “Help” and “Install Key” on top menu. You will then see the registration dialog as illustrated below. You may copy the keycode and paste it to the field by pressing “Ctrl” and “V”, and then click Ok to unlock it.


Now it’s time to load the PDF documents:

1. After you have installed and activated Acethinker PDF Writer, launch the program, select the PDF files you want to open, then simply drag them to the interface of PDF Writer. The files would be displayed in different tabs.

2. Launch Acethinker PDF Writer, click File > Open, then you can browse the PDF files from your computer. In addition, you can open the last 10 viewed files from File > Recent Documents as a quicker way.


Part 2. View PDF

2.1 Rotate View

Click clockwise or counterclockwise till your PDF is properly shown. It will be rotated 90 degrees every time you click.

2.2 Page Navigation

This function helps you to find a page quickly and accurately when you are viewing a PDF.

navigate PDF

First Page: Direct you to the first page of the document.

Last Page: Direct you to the last page of the document.

Previous Page: Direct you to the previous page of the current page.

Next Page: Direct you to the next page of the current page. Click View > Page Navigation > Page, fill the number of the page you would like to view.

Previous View: Direct you to the previous view based on your current view.

Next View: Direct you to the next view based on your current view. It is not available if the current view is the newest one.

Part 3. Edit PDF Pages

First of all, these are generall two modes to display and view PDF before editing them:

Single page view: Display one page in the document pane at one time.

Two page view: Display two pages side by side in the document pane at one time.

view PDF

3.1 Zoom

Zoom to: Enter the percentage you would like to zoom and click OK.

Marquee Zoom: Select the area you would like to zoom in, that area will fit to the whole document pane.

Actual Size: Resize the page to its actual size of 100% zoom level.

Zoom to page level: Resize the page to fit entirely in the document pane.

Fit Height: Resize the page to fit the height of the window. Part of the page may be out of the view.

Fit Width: Resize the page to fit the width of the window. Part of the page may be out of the view.

zoom PDF

3.2 Edit Texts

On top menu, select “Edit” > “Edit Text and Images”, click the texts you want to edit to start with editing or adding texts. If you want to add texts in blank area, just click in that area, a textbox will appear for you to add texts. You can change the font, font size and color of the texts. Meanwhile, you can make it bold, italic and underlined. Moreover, you can change the layout of the textbox.

edit pdf

3.3 Edit Images

Select Edit > Edit Text and Images, the images in your PDF will be framed, so that you can delete, cut, copy and paste the image. Advanced editing functions such as crop, flip and rotate images are included as well.

Select Edit > Add Image, you can browse the images in your computer to add to your PDF document.

edit image

3.4 Edit Pages

Insert From File: Select Edit Tool > Pages > Insert From File, you can browse a PDF file from your computer, then set the place and location for the inserted PDF.

Insert Blank Page: Choose Insert Blank Page, in the dialog box, you can set the location and the number of blank pages.

Delete Pages: You can set the page range that you want to delete.

Extract Pages: You can set the page range that you want to extract. After the extraction, there are two options, the extracted pages will be deleted directly, or the extracted pages will be generated as a new PDF.

3.5 Replace Pages

In the replace pages dialog box, you can set the page range of the current PDF file, click the “Browse” button to select the replacement PDF and set the page range of the replacement PDF.

3.6 Split Document

Choose Split Document under Pages tab, enter the maximum number of pages or maximum file size in the dialog box, it will split the PDF file according to the number you enter. Or you can choose to split by top-level bookmarks.

split PDF

3.7 Crop Pages

After clicking the “Crop” button, drag the mouse to select the area that you want to crop, the area in the box will be kept. Double click the box to get the Crop Settings dialog to set the crop margin and page range. So if you set multiple pages, the selected multiple pages will be cropped as the same margin that you set.

3.8 Annotations

Testimonials: Select Comments > Annotations, you can add Highlight, Underline, Strikethrough to the texts, as well as caret, replace and notes.

Drawing Markups: This tool enables you to draw following shapes to mark the texts. Such as Oval, Rectangle, Line, Arrow, Polygon, Connected Lines and Pencil, and an eraser tool to erase the pencil markups.

annotate pdf

Part 4. Extra Tips

4.1 Page Design

Please note all the page design settings can be updated and removed as well.

Header & Footer: You can add header & footer for the PDF pages by clicking Edit Tool > Pages > Header & Footer, you can also add Page Number and Date with this function. There are font and appearance options included. At last, you can preview your settings in the dialog box.

Background: You can choose Color or File from computer as the source of the background. Appearance settings contain Rotation degree and Opacity. Besides, you can customize the position of the background. In Page Range options, you can enter the page range that the background will be applied.

Watermark: You can choose Text or File from computer as the source of the watermark. Appearance settings contain Rotation degree, Opacity and Lo0LoLoc. Besides, you can customize the position of the background. In Location. In Page Range options, you can enter the page range that the watermark will be applied.

4.2 Protection

Select Edit Tool > Protection > Encrypt with Password, there are two kinds of password to protect the PDF. When you set the Open Password, anyone who tries to open the PDF file must type in the password that you specified. When you set a Permission Password, anyone who wants to change the restrictions must type the Permission Password.

4.3 Print PDF

After you finish all the editing work, you may need to print the final PDF. Click File > Print, please make sure your printer is correctly connected, enter the copies, page range and page size to print.

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