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Topic in Brief: Listen to YouTube Alternatives

All of you must be browsing plenty of music videos on YouTube, daily. Created in 2005, this video platform has gained much importance till now and has become the number one website for watching music videos online. YouTube not only gives you the free access to music videos, but also enables you to upload videos free of cost. You will be surprised to know that about 6 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube every month.

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On YouTube's music channel, in addition to the musical videos from major banners, you will find the musical talent of many normal people who are just like you. As users are enabled to upload their videos on YouTube, you can show your talent and creativity to the entire world by just uploading your musical recording on this platform. Thirdly, watching musical video on YouTube is extremely easy as compared to other sites.

I. About Listen to YouTube

II. Alternatives to Listen to YouTube

I. About Listen to YouTube

listen to youtube appMany a times, we just want to watch the video of particular song and YouTube is the platform where you can access it faster than any other website. It is just amazing that along with listening to desired song, you will also get to know about other songs that you may like. ListenToYouTube is an effective tool that you can use for downloading YouTube videos or their audio version. It is one of the most useful online applications that enable you to extract audio from the video. You just need to enter the URL of YouTube video in the textbox of this tool and then click on “Go”. It will extract the music from that video and then will let you download it. However, there is one problem with this effective tool. Many a times it does not download the music directly from YouTube, but downloads the full video and then, convert it into an audio format. So, it takes lot of time.

  • Pros
  • - It is easy and convenient to use.
  • - Downloading process is really fast.
  • - It is free to use.
  • - Supports high quality downloads.
  • - It also supports batch downloads.
  • Cons
  • - There are too many limitations on the free version of this tool.
  • - Useless ads on this tool disturb the downloading process.
  • - It supports only YouTube videos.
  • - It supports only MP3 audio format.

II. Evaluations of Alternatives to Listen to YouTube

As ListenToYouTube has so many drawbacks, users are looking for its alternatives. Here, we are listing the best alternatives to ListenToYouTube.

1. MP3 Grabber

mp3 grabberMP3 Grabber is a web application which allows you to convert online videos to audio format. Converting video files is much easy with this online converter. You just need to enter the URL of particular video into the textbox and then click on “grab it” button. After that, just click on the “download” button and the audio will be saved to your PC. Here are some features of this online converter which make it is the best.

  • - No registration is required for using MP3 Grabber.
  • - You are no more required to visit other links for saving the converted file. By clicking on the download button, the converted file will be directly saved to your computer.
  • - It supports many other video websites other than YouTube which include Dailymotion, Vimeo, Vevo and many others.

2. SYLoader (Former eTube Downloader)

This is a standalone program that you can use for downloading YouTube videos and for extracting audio from them. Downloading files with eTube Downloader is a two-step process. In the first step, you are required to select the option that whether you want to download the particular video or just want to extract audio from it, along with selecting the desired format. In the second step, you need to enter the URL of that video and hit the download button. Link for downloading this software is:

etube downloader interface

3. Video2MP3 (Browser Extension)

Video2MP3 is a browser plugin that provides you the most convenient and fast way to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format. What you are required to do is downloading this extension and then, installing it to your browser.

video to mp3 for browser

Downloading audio is really simple with this browser extension as you are not required to copy and paste the URL of the videos. You can just browse the YouTube for your favorite music videos and an option for downloading its audio version will be displayed on the toolbar. The option is displayed in the form of Play Icon. By clicking on that icon, you will get an MP3 file downloaded to your computer. It is the best option if you are looking for quick video to audio conversion as you will get high quality audio just with a single click. Link for adding this extension to your browser is