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FireFox Video Downloader

Ever since Google promoted YouTube on the internet eleven years ago, it has become extremely popular and stands as the second most popular product of Google after their principal search engine. More than a billion people visit YouTube every month. Six billions of hours’ worth of videos are being watched on YouTube in a month. There is no doubt that it has become the most popular video sharing website on the internet.

firefox video downloadThere are various ways you can go about downloading videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Facebook and many similar sites on to FireFox browser. Most of the software programs enable you to download without the need of restarting your computer. There are comprehensive tools available that can extract videos along with image files from websites like YouTube and will help save them to your computer’s hard drive. While you are surfing normally on the internet, they will detect videos if you want to download them. Its toolbar icon will highlight and the menu allows you to download these video files by just a click on that item. For example, when you visit a page on YouTube, you will be in a position to download that video directly on to your file system. You will be able to do the same with other sites that you visit such as Daily Motion, Periscope, Facebook, Vimeo, Liveleak, Vine, Metacafe and many others.

I. Browser Extension for Downloading on FireFox

Video DownloadHelper is a useful tool that helps support various kinds of streaming. It is a fine add-on among all video downloaders. You can download with this browser extension formats such as F4F, HTTP, MP2T and MP4. Whenever a website uses a streaming technology that is not supported, Video DownloadHelper captures the screen directly and generates video files out of them. You will be amazed to know that it can record Twitter Periscope on your FireFox browser. All you have to do is to specify your search term and this add-on will capture related live streams overnight. You can use this browser extension to capture entire browsing sessions and highlight the mouse position as an option to generate video files out of them. This is an ideal option when you want to create on the web a site demonstration in the form of a video.

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In addition to downloading videos on FireFox, it can also make video conversions by changing both video and audio formats and aggregate them by joining separate videos and audio files to a single one. This is not a difficult process for it. You do not even have to pick variants that are marked as ADP in order to avoid the aggregation requirement. When you install this browser extension, FireFox will be redirected to a welcome page that has links to a user manual at It will not make any changes to your homepage setting and this welcome page will not appear again.

II. Online Site for Downloading Videos on FireFox

Free YouTube Downloder is an online app that helps you download videos on FireFox. It has to be noted that this site could be used for downloading videos not only from YouTube but also from sites like Daily Motion and Vimeo and other similar sites. When you need to download various video clips from these video sharing websites, this is an ideal place to capture video clips without exiting the page that you are currently on. This app can be used without charge and you do not have to install Java or subscribe to any services. App will detect the source of your video and expands a list of numerous video formats. The only cumbersome thing involved here is that you have to install a launcher when you are using it for the first time. Another drawback of this browser extension is that you can only download one video clip at a time.

III. Standalone Program for Downloading Videos on FireFox

Video Downloader Pro is a standalone program for downloading videos directly when you have to stream them on FireFox. You can download from YouTube and similar video sharing sites like Daily Motion, Metacafe and Vimeo. They can be downloaded easily on FireFox on Windows for playback on other mobile devices or for offline access.

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Video Downloader Pro allows you to download a whole channel along with its playlist from YouTube with just one click. All videos in that particular playlist can be downloaded at one time. Videos can be converted to MP4 and AVI. It offers compatibility with over a hundred video formats and allows you to download multiple video formats. You are also in a position to download videos in various resolutions as it supports seven resolutions. You will be able to download 1080 pixel high definition videos in high quality graphics.


Every person wants to download videos on to his or her browser, some time or the other for later use and when not being connected to the internet. Users may require the need to save flash presentations or gain access to video files from YouTube or other similar sites. There are various FireFox extensions that help you download SWF objects without slowing down your browser.