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Topic in Brief: YouTube Ripper

As the most popular video sharing platform in the world, YouTbe has successfully tons of video contents for various needs of users on internet. Here you can funny videos to amuse yourself, how-to videos to solve your problems, films to feast your eyes and videos from more categories to enrich your media entertainment. All videos are readily to watch conveniently, but due to the fact that you have to keep your internet connected when streaming a video, some of us may wonder a means to rip YouTube to local file formats. In so doing, we could enjoy videos offline more flexibly and also don’t need to load the same video again when you need to watch it once more. This article will review some eligible approaches from the myriad of options to rip YouTube videos expeditiously.

I. Our Site's Video Downloader

This app is readily to use on this page, without any needs on payment, subscription, etc. It comes 100% clean and works well on downloading videos from over 30 sites on your browser. Upon visitng the page as given, you just need to copy and paste the URL of a video clip into relatd field, and then click "Download" to grab it. The app only takes a short while to detect the source of video and will expand a list of media formats availabe for saving the file. You can easily choose from HD, Std resolutions and media formats including AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, MP3, etc.

Notes: It needs to install a quick lancher if it's your first ime using it, but you can utilize it to download videos directly without any problem later.

II. Keepvid

This simple-to-use YouTue Ripper Online is suitable for people who’re willing to download a few clips from YouTube or just exact the audio for using later. It simply requires you to paste a video URL into the related field and click Ok to grab what you need. This web-based app is readily to use from and can finish downloads within its home page.

keepvid online

Once started with downloading your favorite video, wait for the program detects the source and expands a list of available local formats, you can then choose from them. Right-click on the smaller download icon alongside the format you fancy, and then select “Save link as”. After that, just wait for saving the video on your browser, that’s it.

III. Zamzar

Another valuable web-based tool which provides even more output formats, but with limit on file size. Zamzar presents an intuitive interface with 4 steps to go. By following such steps, you can go through the download process without further assistance. You’re also allowed to rip YouTube into multiple video/audio formats that cover the usage of video on desktop and mobile devices. You just need to provide a valid email address to receive the video file via download link later. The only drawback is that you could download a video with no more than 100MB and to remove the limit you need to register premium account.

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IV. Savevid

This downloader site also works with your browser, but it requires an extra plugin to run properly. Although this additional component does not make Savevid superior to other online downloader apps, the website itself is special. From here you can access the popular video contents voted by the editors, the most downloaded videos chosen by other users and more. Also, all videos presented on savevid are downloadable, so you could explore into them with surprise. Despite it, Savevid also performs stably on downloading videos from YouTube and more sites to your desired formats.


V. Video Downloader Pro (Desktop Program)

Though there’re many online YouTube ripper around, most of them are used as quick solutions with no manager or other options. Comparing with such online tools, the desktop YouTube Ripper tools come with more valuable functions to improve the overall performance.


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If you’re looking for more versatile software, Video Downloader Pro deserves taking a place on your desktop. This tool empowers you to grab 12 video clips simultaneously, so that you don’t have to wait for completing a video before moving to next.

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It also grants you video conversion to rip YouTube to local video/audio formats efficiently. More than the coverage of basic download options, there’re also screen recorder for recording the live videos which are not downloadable, mobile transfer to move downloaded videos to your mobiles, player to watch them directly and more.