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Most people have, at one time or another, wanted to download a video file from the internet. Maybe they wanted to watch it later off-line, share it with others on the TV or a mobile device or simply save it so it can’t be deleted. Using a search engine to find video downloaders and thousands of potentials will show up in the results. Quite frankly, any of the first search results will probably point you to a program that will allow you to download videos. However, it is hard to weed through them and figure out which one is really ideal for your particular needs. So many different factors go into the decision about what video downloader program to use.

The days of right clicking on videos and selecting “Save As” are gone as more sites use coding to prevent such simple grabs. If you still want to download a YouTube video or one from another popular sharing site, you need a program or app specifically designed to download the embedded files.

#1 Video Downloader Pro

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The first tool in the list is the Video Downloader Pro, a versatile tool for users to download, convert and manage videos available on over 100 websites. It only takes a few clicks to get desired videos online as you could either input the URL of a video, or click the "Download" button that will appear on the playback window of a flash video. Once a video has been loaded to process, you can continue with the next one without waiting, so this program can handle up to 12 clips simultaneously. Whenever a video is complete, you can convert it to desired media formats for various purposes, there're also optimized presets for exporting files to compatible formats for iOS, Android and other gadgets straightly.

Moreover, if you prefer, you may also move videos to your mobiles with the built-in transfer. And there will be no problem in connecting and detecting your devices. Free trials of this program are available to download:

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#2 Keepvid Online Video Downloader

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With just one click, the website allows you to download internet videos from YouTube and other sharing sites. To start with, just copy the website address into the appropriate box at the top of the site. Then press the download button. Do not mistake the blue and green buttons for the download icon. These are advertisements and will take you off the site.

Pros: Easy to use, no download required and completely free.

Cons: All videos are downloaded in FLV format with a set resolution.

If you fancy the idea of downloading videos on web browser directly, you may also look into the sites similar to Keepvid. Also, there's another review concerns websites like Zamzar.

#3 One Click YouTube Downloader Program

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This program is an awesome video downloader for people who like things for free. There is a paid version that gives more capabilities if you find the free one is not powerful enough for your purposes. It allows you to format videos with over 2 dozen choices. It is very versatile and useful, but also the most costly. The free version may suit well for what you want to do. It is one of the quickest apps for video downloading around.

Pros: Tons of great options, quick speeds, able to be used with both PCs and Macs and HD download capability.

Cons: All the options can be more expensive than other programs. Too many options can cause confusion or unnecessary bloat.

#4 YouTube by Click Downloader

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As long as you do not mind installing a small toolbar on whatever browser you use, YouTube by Click is a simple way to capture and download videos from YouTube. It includes the capability for downloading from many other websites as well. This program supports various file formats: MP3, MP4, 3GP, WAV, FLV, AVI and WEBM. Depending upon your particular needs and interests, any video can be downloaded in any quality level including high definition. With just one click, you can download your whole YouTube playlist. Some of the excellent features include:

  • • Download YouTube vids with just one click
  • • Download YouTube vids to mp4 and mp3 format
  • • Use the toolbar to search online for videos
  • • Download YouTube videos in HD
  • • Automatic lists of Top 100 Videos
  • • Radio station integration for music listening
  • • Compatible with all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox and IE
  • • Free use without registration

Pros: Very convenient in any browser. You can download with a simple click of a button no matter what site you are looking.

Cons: This program requires installation to use. Format types are limited to only mp3 and mp4.

Bonus: Faster Downloads With Software Video Downloader

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Software Video Downloader is a quick install program that gives you free and easy downloading of practically any video you can navigate to online. It is one of the quickest options available and is so easy anyone can use it without confusion. After installing, input the video link and click “Download.” While a paid version exists, most people will be well served with the free one.

Pros: Plenty of options and very user friendly. It will also pick up where it left off if the connection drops.

Cons: Installation is necessary. It may take a bit of time to set up all the advanced options how you want them.

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