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Best iPhone Recorder

With a constant flow of new iPhone models being brought to the shelves, the main question that consumers have in mind is, “What’s the difference between the new and the old?”, and it’s a good question. No matter what, this question must be answered before consumers even consider buying the new iPhone model. One of the questions that have brought a rise in curiosity is whether or not you are able to record the iPhone screen. Funnily enough, if Apple were to record an iPhone screen in order to display all of the newest features that they have interpreted into the new model, they would be able to answer that question. So on that note, let’s take a look at some of the best applications for recording an iPhone screen.


iPhone Screen Recorder (Software)

screen grabber pro

Preparation Time

3-5 Minutes

Learning Curve




With the iPhone Screen Recorder program, you are able to take advantage and get the most out of the AirPlay function which is available on all Apple devices. With this program, there is no need for you to jail-break your device. Some of the features that this program consists of are:

Bigger Screen - The small screen on Apple devices, and mobile devices in general, can often push people away from using them. This is a big reason for people using the AirPlay feature, allowing them to view their once small display, on a much bigger screen.

Upload Recordings Instantly - As soon as you’ve recorded the video, you are able to upload it to whichever platform that you’d like to in just a few moments, without having to go through too much hassle.

iphone screen recording cycle

Flexible Recording - With the iPhone Screen Recorder, you are able to record whatever you’d like to. Whether you are hoping to record fun applications on your Apple device, Skype video calls, no matter what you are able to record it.


iRec (iOS App)

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irec app

Preparation Time

4-7 Minutes

Learning Curve




While iRec isn’t an application which can be downloaded from the Apple app store, it is still one of the best options that are out there for screen recording on an iPhone. In order for you to gain access to the iRec app, you must download it through an alternate app store, the Emu4ios.net app store. To make things better, no jailbreak is required for this. This method is viable to those who would like to eliminating the need for a computer as the application itself handles the entire recording process.


QuickTime Player (Mac Only)

quicktime recorder

Preparation Time

1-2 Minutes

Learning Curve




If you have a Mac computer, then the chances are that you’ve heard of QuickTime player and possibly even have some experience using the program. QuickTime is the Apple equivalent of Windows Media Player. While it’s primary developed feature is to watch and listen to media, however screen recording and such is another available feature which is little known by its users. The simplicity provided by QuickTime player allows for you to connect your iPhone and easily record the display, the only catch being that the recording which is produced is given in MOV format, which has proven to be unpopular.

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