Connect, Mirror and Record Your Mobile on Computer

This handy tool leverages iOS's AirPlay mirroring function that works on all iOS gadgets, letting you view your mobile on large screen and record it with ease.
No need to jail-break your iOS; enjoy the simplicity of mirroring mobile to computer screen.


View in a Bigger Way

You'll be able to enjoy viewing your mobile on large screen, with no need to worry about the loss of quality. This tool can display the mobile screen in HD and brings you optimal visual experience.

Record in Comfortable Way

Do you need to capture gameplay, a video call, or anything on your iPhone/iPad? No need to go through complex or inconvenient recorder apps; now you can do it easily on a computer screen.

Share Instantly

Whenever you have completed a screencast for your mobile, you're able to save the video clip in the desired format and upload it to social network or video sites. You can quickly access such options with only a few clicks.

How does it connect my device?

This tool will remind you to connect via AirPlay as soon as it's activated. You just need to allow the access and then enable AirPlay on your mobile. You can connect your mobile to computer soon.

various recovery modes
various recovery modes
simple interface

How does it mirror iOS screen?

Mirror screen in HD on timely basis

Upon successful connection, you could display your mobile screen on a computer. All activities happening on your mobile will be synced to the computer screen in real time. You could enjoy viewing your mobile screen in HD, without loss of original quality.

Stream various contents on computer screen

You're allowed to stream video/audio clips on your mobile and project them to your computer. Documents, images, videos, and songs can be synced to your computer instantly. You could also play your favorite games and make it happen on computer display.

How does it record iOS screen?

Record in 1 click

Simply clicking a button on the interface will allow recording screen, without hassle. No matter whether you're viewing videos, playing games, checking documents, or having video chats, you could capture all of them for saving as videos, screenshots, or GIFs.

Customize your own screencast

This iPhone/iPad recorder empowers you to go through various settings and to make screencasts that fulfill you needs. You're able to configure video outputs, resolution, sound quality, output directory, and more. You can easily create audio/video/animated image.

advanced recording settings

How to publish and share?

Find out how you can accomplish a screencast and share it

Publish screencast in 1 click

As long as your mobile and computer are connected to the same network, you can leave the computer and take your mobile away, without interrupting your recording. You can return to the computer only when the screencast is over and then publish it to the designated format in 1 click.

Portable formats for easy sharing

Specially made for game users, video formats, like MP4, FLV, and GIFs, are available for saving your screencast. And if you prefer, you may also add your voice to make it more demonstrative. Once done, you could share your stuff via social network easily.

Create snapshot for mobile

The tool also provides a snapshot function for you to capture mobile screenshots quickly and save them on your computer. This way provides great convenience for preserving screenshots and saves space on your mobile.

logoOur Tool
Air Shou
QuickTime (Mac Only)
Preparation 3 Mins 5-12 Mins 3 Mins
Wireless Connection
Mirror Screen to Computer
Record Video & Audio
Multiple Output Formats
Record in HD Quality
Snapshot iOS Screen

Innovations of AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder

Connect mobiles without Jail Break

Record video along with audio on mobile


Support up to 9 video output formats

Provide extra snapshot function

User Reviews

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user reviews A nice keeper on my computer!

Jul 22-2016

It's a nice-looking and versatile tool. It gives me great convenience of watching mobile on my computer and also recording the video/audio streams seamlessly.

Stacy from the UK

separate line
reviews from users A surprising gift for mobile game players

May 21-2016

This tool provides the simplest way to connect mobile to computer. By recording gameplay on my PC, I could concenrate on gameplay without distraction and share records conveniently.

Walter from the US

Connect, mirror and record mobile in one go!

Enjoy the best experience of mobile screen recording now, also check How-to Videos for your better utilizing this tool.