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Snapshot on VLC

"Whenever I grab a screenshot to paste it into paint or Word, there is no way to change the size because it won't stay in the frame. If I take a screenshot out of the movie that I'm playing on my VLC player and try to paste it into Word, it either plays in both places at once or ends up being only a black rectangle. I am desperately trying to finish presentation. Please help!"

snapshot on vlcIf you have had a similar problem grabbing a frame screenshot from a movie like this guy, the last thing you should think about doing is abandoning VLC for some other player program. VLC Player is actually a great choice for taking snapshots of any video you play. It is quite easy to take a picture of your favorite scene and share with your friends, use it for a presentation or perhaps you make a new desktop wallpaper out of it. Instead of trying to print the screen, use VLC's internal screenshot program called "Snapshots." If you know about this option, grabbing a still picture of your favorite movie frame is as easy as clicking one button or using a shortcut on your keyboard.

I. Snapshot Video on VLC with Built-in Option

II. Locate screenshots created by VLC

I. Create Screenshot on VLC with Built-in Option

Start out with the most up-to-date version of VLC that is available for your operating system. Play whatever movie or film clip you want and navigate to the frame that you wish to save. All you have to do is to click "Video" from the navigation menu and then press "Snapshot."

take snapshot on vlc player

Whenever you successfully take a screenshot from the movie, the file you saved the picture in is displayed along with a preview of the frame in the left-hand corner of the VLC window.

Extra Tips - VLC Frame by Frame

Using VLC's Advanced Controls, you should be able to navigate through the movie one frame at a time until you find the perfect image to capture. In order to do this, just click on "View" in the menu and then select "Advanced Controls." This will make a new button show up under the movie slider. All you have to do is click the "snapshot" icon to take a picture.

advanced control vlc playback 

These more precise controls allow frame by frame advancement. All you have to do is move the slider or watch the movie until you get close to the place you want to capture a picture of and then pause it and use this button for ultimate precision.

II. How to Locate the Snapshots Taken by VLC?

This app in the VLC player is set to automatically save all VLC screenshots in your "Pictures" folder as PNG/JPG files. You can, however, choose a different destination folder if you wish. Just follow these easy instructions:

1 – Navigate to "Simple Preferences", click on "Video" and change the settings under "Video Snapshots".

2 – Change the "Directory" to whatever file you wish to save the captures in.

3 – Select the "Format" or file type to automatically save all the snapshots in the same format.

4 – If desired, also change the "Prefix" depending on whether you wish to include a sequential number or the date and time on each file you save. After making these changes, simply click the "Save" button to finalize them.

video snapshot options