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Snapshot Tools Comparison

Snagit VS Jing and More

battle between free tools and paid tool

There are 1 million reasons why you might want to take screenshot: to save a funny meme someone share, show off the winning move in a video game or to even help computer experts diagnose a problem. Using the right tool to capture the screenshot means that you will always have a clear and correct picture of precisely you want every time. Above all others, Snagit is probably the most popular and capable capture tool available. Since there are so many out there, we have tested many and now provide a comparison between Snagit and other Snipping Tool.

Screen Capture Tools


Round 1: Jing Vs Snagit

Jing has powerful screen capture capabilities as well as offering the opportunity to record screencast for anything going on your desktop. Annotations are simple to add and sharing is very intuitive if you want to send your picture to your social media page, host videos on Jing's site or just email them to a friend or colleague.

jing features

Although simple to use, it is the simplicity that makes Jing fall behind some of the more professional screencast tools like Snagit and Camtasia Studio. The universal truth of commerce comes into play here: you get what you pay for. Jing allows you to record just five minutes of video while Snagit has no limits. Also, the editing capabilities in the Snagit program are miles ahead of Jing.

Although both Snagit and Jing allow you to hide interface to wedgets and make screenshots/screencasts, Snagit stands out by providingpulls additional screenshot modes, more extensive editing system and no limit video recording. After all, it's being developed by Camtasia as the pro version of Jing with a certain cost in it.

Round 2: Snipping Vs Snagit

Snipping Tool is an app that comes as a standard with the latest Windows versions 7, 8 and 10. You can capture the entire screen, a rectangular portion of the screen, the active window you click on or a free-form shape that you select with your finger or mouse. Although there is a simple screenshot editor and the ability to add basic annotations to the pictures, it does not offer screencast capabilities. Although it is free and convenient because it is built into the existing machine, it can't quite hold up to the benefits of Snagit.

snipping editor

Snagit overcomes Snipping tool in several aspects, you may switch to it when you need these features; otherwise, Snipping can be suitable for you, because it comes with every Windows OS as default.

  • - More flexible capture modes for you to snapshot scrollable webpages
  • - Capable of recording screen with sound
  • - Advanced image editor with more options
  • - Multiple output formats
  • - Export screenshot to email, social network, etc
  • - More stylish interface and wedgets
snagit editor

Round 3: Greenshot Vs Snagit

Greenshot is another popular screenshot capturing tool that is completely free. What makes this program unique is that it doesn't actually have a user interface. Instead, it stays minimized in the toolbar so you can click on the icon and then select what type of screenshot you wish to take from the pop-up menu. There are various settings and options to choose from. Greenshot will capture anything that you can actually see on the screen only and doesn't have as many editing capabilities as Snagit. It is a poor choice for most people when it comes to capturing screenshots.

greenshot editor

On the other hand, if you're not satisfied with the features offered by the open source program, you could look further into Snagit's extra features that it does not have:

  • - Snapshot scrollable webpages (Greenshot only support IE)
  • - A control panel (Greenshot does not have interface)
  • - A few more styles for arranging text and shapes on image
  • - Screen recording capablities along with sound, webcam, editor, etc
  • - More options for users to share screenshots to multiple channels

snagit editor

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