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Screenshot Capture Win

There are simply thousands of screenshot programs and tools for Windows, but we prefer PicPick for the amazing collection of options it has including an on-board editor, FTP uploader and the advantage that it is completely free.

I. PicPick - Free but Comprehensive Snapshot Tool

PicPick is a nice snapshot program which covers most needs on capturing and editing images. Although it has full-featured screenshot performance for taking various snapshots, the image editor is more imperative. From the built-in editor, you could find prevalent options of touching up your images, including free hand draw, hilight, color paint, brush, text, etc.


Details of this product are described as below:

  • - It's free and works on any Windows machine.
  • - Full-screen, partial-screen, active window and regional capture options are available.
  • - Customize controls with hotkeys.
  • - Add arrows, headlines, text blocks and more with the included editor function.
  • - Balance color hues, sharpen or blur and use various included filters.
  • - Resize, crop and rotate any picture.
  • - Take precise screenshots with the unique zoom in tool.
  • - Any screenshot can be uploaded with FTP.

II. Snagit & Jing - Well-known Screen Capture Programs

If you have a lot of requirements for customization when it comes to saving screenshots or screencast, this program may be perfect. It has more features than you might ever need, but it comes at a premium price: $50. If you use screenshots extensively for your work or other projects, this might be the best option for you. We couldn't give it a top spot because it is more expensive than other options.

snagit interface

Jing is actually made by the same group that created Snagit, but it doesn't cost as much and has different capabilities. The main benefit of Jing is that it makes it really easy to share your screenshot on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. This program also has screencast capability which is limited to 5 mins. Also, adding text to any picture automatically puts a white box around it, so if that is not the look you prefer, you may access extra editing options in the advanced Snagit.


III. FastStone Capture - Classic Snapshot Program for Windows

faststone logoIf you are dissatisfied with PicPick for any reason, you might want to give this program a try with their free trial. Most likely, you'll notice that's there aren't enough additional features to warrant the $20 price tag. One thing you can do with your screenshots and this program is in them directly to PowerPoint or Microsoft Word. It also allows for screen cast and a few extra file formats.

IV. Lightscreen - Better Alternative to Snipping Tool

lightscreen interfaceAs we mentioned above, we like using Lightscreen because it has a few extra features that the built-in Snipping Tool does not. This program doesn't automatically save the screenshots in the Pictures folder, but instead prompts you for a save location. As the name indicates, Lightscreen is a very lightweight program so it will never slow down your machine when you take screenshots.