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Dailymotion to WMV

dailymotion to wmvVideo sharing sites are some of the most frequently visited on the internet. One of the more popular ones is Dailymotion. If you have ever gone to the site, you may have found plenty of videos you like but wanted to save them on your hard drive so you can watch them later or share them with people you know. There are many different tools and methods for doing this available, but it can be a challenge to figure out which would work best for you.

I. 100% Free Dailymotion Grabber Online

Without paying one penny, you can use this web tool to grab Dailymotion SD, HQ and HD 720 videos easily. There is no program to download and you do not have to install anything on your hard drive. All it takes is a quick copy paste of the video's URL into the plot. This app will scan for different types of video and you can select which one you want to save. It also offers the following features:

  • - Internet-based Dailymotion video downloads
  • - High resolution download capability
  • - Downloads from any video websites
  • - Intuitive user interface
  • - Full compatibility with all platforms and browsers
  • - Secure and reliable
  • - 100% free

To start with, navigate to the Dailymotion page find a video you want to download. Then, press CTRL + L to highlight the address bar URL and then hit "CTRL + C" to copy it. Navigate to the appropriate slot on the apps page and hit "CTRL + V" to paste the copied URL in the field. All you have to do then is click "Download" to finish. A preview screen of the video will pop up and also display the links to click to download. In most cases, MP4 format is your best option, but there are also FLV, 3GP and WMV options. Simply click the download link next to the format you want.

Advantages: 100% free, reliable and quick.

Disadvantages: Each video must be handled separately and it has no conversion capabilities.

II. Dailymotion Video Downloader

Another way to grab Dailymotion videos is by using a downloadable program like Video Downloader. You also can use the URL address to point it at the vids you want, but this program allows you to do more than one at a time.


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Advantages: It allows you to handle multiple videos at once and therefore speeds up the process considerably. You can also download an entire Dailymotion or YouTube channel at one time. It allows you to convert to multiple file formats and even edit the videos right in the program.

Disadvantages: The program is shareware, you have to download and install it on your hard drive to use it.

III. More Option - Free Dailymotion Video Downloader

The Free Dailymotion Video Downloader program was developed by PC Freeware and is considered one of the best downloaders available. It is a small program, but it packs a lot of power when it comes to downloading Dailymotion videos. It makes it simple to download more than one video at a time and does not back off on power or speed when you do so. You can copy the video URLs and it will automatically insert into the program's URL field. There is even an "Add Bulk URL" capability so you can input an entire list of your favorites at one time.

free dailymotion downloader

Advantages: specialized in downloading from Dailymotion and free to use.

Disadvantages: it works for Dailymotion only and does not support many output media formats.