Topic in Brief: Dailymotion Not Working

“I have noticed that videos from Dailymotion are not playing, the loading animation appears, yet the video never begins. The ads work just fine, so I thought it could be the internet connection or speed, however videos on other sites are loading quickly. After looking through the FAQ and trying the methods I found on the Flash website, it's still not working.”

If you have got a Dailymotion not working problem like this, just keep reading and we will go over some tricks that could help fix the Dailymotion videos not playingissue. These are the more common problems that occur.

I. Try to re-install Adobe Flash Player

First you need to uninstall your current Flash Player, then save the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to your computer. Close down your browser and restart your computer, then open the file and reinstall the Flash Player. When installing the plugin it's important that all of your browsers are closed.

reinstall flash player

Here's the guide for you to re-install Flash Player:

  • - Go to visit
  • - You will see five steps to guide you through updating your Flash Player.
  • - Go through 1st~4th steps and check if you could see the flash animation in step 5. That's it.

enable flash player on browser

Note: After updating your Flash Player, also ensure you have enabled Flash Player on browser. You may find elaborated instructions in step 4, just click a link in correspond to your brower and follow it.

II. Restarting your Browser

If the above methods do not fix the Dailymotion error, don't give up. You may just need to restart your browser. Instead of simply closing the tab with Dailymotion, close the entire browser and re-open it. From here you will want to try the following.

Forced Refresh: You can force a full refresh for the site by hitting “CTRL” and “F5” together, this works across the popular browsers.

clear browse cache

Also, by clearing the browsers cache and cookies, you can ensure you are seeing the most recent version of the page for faster loading videos. Here's a comprehensive guide to clean cache on different browsers:

  • Chrome - Open the menu on top-right of your browser, select “Settings” on the bottom and then "Show advanced settings". Scroll to the privacy section and click "Clear browsing data...". Here you can choose the type of data to clean, it's recommended to check "Cached images and files" only and you could confirm it by clicking "Clear browsing data".
  • Safari (for iOS) - Click "Settings" from the home page, scroll down to "Safari", clicking on it will bring you to the option page. You then select "Clear Cookies and Data" to confirm your choice.
  • Safari (for Mac) - Select Safari menu when the browser is opened, select "Empty Cache" on the menu and then click "Empty" on pop-up.
  • IE (9-11) - Also navigate to top-right of browser to click the gear icon, and then go for "Safety" - "Delete Browsing History...". Check "Temporary Internet files and website files" and unselect other options, confirm the clean of chache by selecting "Delete". That's it.
  • FireFox - Similar to IE and Chrome, the settings menu is on upper right, after clicking on it, you can select the "Options" icon. Once the dialog appears, navigate to "Advanced" - "Network" and then forward to "Cache Web Content" section. Clicking "Clear Now" will remove your cache.
  • Opera - After opening your browser, select "Settings" menu and then "Delete private data". Choose "Delete entire cache" in the pop-up window, also ensure other options are unchecked before you confirm it. Once done, you can get rid of cache on your browser.

III. Upgrade your browser

If these steps haven't fixed your problems, then you may need to upgrade your browser to the latest version. To do this, go to the browsers official website and see if they have any newer versions available. You will download the latest version, then open and run it. The browser will restart, and then test to see if the issue has been fixed.

update browsers

IV. Improving Your Connection Speed and Hardware

Still haven't managed to correct your Dailymotion videos not working issue? You may need to look into errors with your internet connection speeds, or even hardware issues. If you are using Wi-Fi, there could be a lot of traffic currently on the connection slowing it down, when this happens it's common to get buffering issues.

If the internet speed isn't an issue, then you could be having issues with your hardware, this is commonly caused by malware or spyware being on your system. This could require you cleaning your computer of any virus's before the video's will play.

V. Extra Tips of Downloading Dailymotion Videos

It could be an issue with the website itself, a slow internet connection or even their processor speeds. This could cause the videos to be slow or not play. If you're able to load the flash video but find it plays slow or you need to save it for watching offline, you can then utilize a 3rd party download manager. One of the most popular ones to use in connection with Dailymotion is the Video Downloader Pro, and it will also work with many other popular video sites as well.

download videos in progress

win free trial mac trial for free

Tips: With this professional video downloader, you can not only download Dailymotion videos, but also convert the downloaded videos to other popular formats for playing anywhere you like. For downloading and converting Dailymotion videos, you can refer to Dailymotion to MP4, Dailymotion to AVI, etc.

To conclude, we have discussed proper ways as troubleshooting to Dailymotion not playing, these tips should be able to solve most of the problems (unless rarely happened issues like the website is temporarily down). And if you have better suggestions on solve the playback problem, feel free to share them in testimonial field.