Topic in Brief: Dailymotion to 3GP

Dailymotion video sharing website has grown in popularity at a very rapid rate ever since it was launched in 2005. It is now the most popular video platform just after YouTube. There are over one billion visitors to this site every month. There are so many videos that have been uploaded on Dailymotion; people would like to watch these videos offline at their convenient time or on their mobile devices while they are travelling somewhere, on a journey, when using public transport or waiting in a queue. This article will help discuss all convenient means for downloading the Dailymotion videos to 3GP so that you can watch them later on your mobile, even when you are offline.

I. Free Dailymotion Video Downloader App

Video Downloader Online helps in downloading various video clips from Dailymotion and other similar video sharing websites and at a quick pace. Through this free video downloader, you can capture video clips and you do not even have to leave the page, you are currently browsing, to do that. This particular app can be used free of charge and you do not have to install Java or subscribe to any other service to use this. You only have to copy and paste the uniform resource locator address of the selected video into the downloader’s field and click on `Download’. You have to wait until this app manages to detect the source of the video you have selected. The app will then have a list of media formats expanded along with the video thumbnail. You can select a format and choose the resolution to save the video. You have to click on the small "download" icon that belongs to your selected format to begin downloading your video. It will complete the download in quick time.

II. Alternative Video Downloader App Online

Video DownloadHelper is a Downloader that serves as a free browser extension transforms the videos from Dailymotion to the 3GP format. This plug-in is ideal when you need to download all videos from the Dailymotion channel to your computer. You will be able to convert easily and at a fast pace. All you have to do is to stream a video on Dailymotion and click the download icon that appears above it. So that you can browse the downloaded videos at a convenient time.

video downloadhelper extension

This browser extension is compatible to all operating systems. It will match even a Mac operating system, a Linux or Windows. You need to paste the URL of your chosen Dailymotion video; it will get delivered to your desktop. You can now download music videos without any limits. When using it, you can select from a vast range of formats that have been made available and they include 3GP, MP3 and AVI. You can now transfer the video files to any type of device and then open that with any preferred player.

III. Standalone Program for Downloading Dailymotion

With Video Downloader Pro, you can easily download Dailymotion videos to your computer on the 3GP format. While Dailymotion may be the most popular website for video sharing, there are several other similar sites that you can select from. You may find your video on some other site; you may explore and use this tool to cover all those websites.

boxshot of video downloader

free trial on windowsfree trial on mac os

This tool will help you download HD, SD and 4K videos from various sites like Vimeo, Google Videos, Facebook, AOL, MegaVideo and Metacafe. Any video that you find playing on Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome or any other browser could easily be downloaded with just a simple click. There is no need to worry about the compatibility between your mobile device, this tool and your computer. The video conversion will occur immediately after the video has been downloaded.


To conclude, this article has covered the simplest and convenient online services for converting Dailymotion videos to 3GP. You have to remember that you do not need to open an account. All you need is the URL of the Dailymotion video you want to download. The tools listed above would easily convert the video files to 3GP as soon as the file has been submitted and it would be converted once it is downloaded.