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Topic in Brief: Browser Screen Recorder

Did you ever want to record your activity on your computer, meaning to capture the images that were happening on the screen? If you trying to use your smartphone to capture images while you just passed a level in a game, made a tutorial, had some troubleshoots, just to be able to share them with other people on YouTube or your blog, then you need to know there is something better than that. You can use video recorders for your browser and get a higher quality of your tutorials. If you want to show someone how to play a game, it is the best method for obtaining a high-quality resolution. And the example can go on for any footage you wish to capture while using your computer. These recorders do not require any installation, are compatible with almost any computer, offering the solution you need just one click away. It is just this simple to use a recorder for the browser. Here are some good examples of what you can use.

I. Utilizing Online Screen Recorder for All Browsers

Online Screen Recorder is one type of video recorder you can use with success as it is compatible with any browser. It is entirely free and can be used directly online. If you need to record something, you will just have to enter the web page of the application and click on the “Start Recording” button available in a very visible spot. The next step would be to choose your region and make some slight customizations of your recording process, if you would like, before passing to the actual recording mode.

record video online

After you finish your video recording, you can either chose to save it to your computer or directly upload it where you want it. The interface of the application is clean and simple to you. Everything you need to use is visible and just one click away. You can even make adjustments while recording, like adding highlights, shapes, annotations, colors, and other options available in the toolkit. Thus, your video will be ready to launch in no time, without the need to brush it after it is finished, since it will come out already brushed. You can also save it in a multitude of formats, according to your desire and purpose.

II. Using Screencastify for Chrome Specially

Screencastify is the video recording solution for the users of Google Chrome. It is a very simple to use application that can start in no time. It is made to make records in any of the tabs you wish and while working on the desktop. Again, you will have the option to save the recordings on your computer or just upload them on YouTube or anywhere else. But, you should have in mind that the upload takes place only if you chose so, since the video recording is done locally, on your computer and it is not transmitted anywhere else, without you doing so. The application is free, and it allows you to record videos that are up to 10 minutes long.


In case you like to make longer videos, you will have to upgrade to the paid version. Besides having to pay to make longer videos, another downside of Screencastify is that you can’t do any editing or crop of your videos. So they pretty much remain the way you recorded them. For editing, you will just need to get other applications that will perform the task. Otherwise, the app will help you obtain videos with a really high quality. And it is also very simple and fast to be used.

III. Facilitating Screencast on FireFox Specially

Capture Fox is the video recorder made for Mozilla Firefox users. You can make video captures of what is happening in the Firebox tabs, on your screen, and can even allow you to record audios only if this is what you want. The extension is completely free, all recorded videos will come out as an AVI file, and the quality of the video can be adjusted according to your preferences. The developers are trying to keep Capture Fox up to date, but they also offer the possibility of getting a custom version of it, for whoever is willing to pay the price for it.

capture fox

You just have to send an e-mail with the details you may like to find in Capture Fox, according to the requirements of your project, and the development team will send back an offer. Thus, the price depends very much on what you are looking to get. If the other two video recorders were easy to be used, this one is the easiest, as it requires only two clicks to get your video started. One click is for the image and one for the sound. The users seem to appreciate the simplicity of this add-on and are happy with its performance. In case you are using Firefox and wish to create short videos, this may be a perfect solution for you.

IV. Conclusion

So, if you really want people to see you have invested some time and effort in the videos you wish to share, you have to stop recording them with a phone or with anything else. The image quality is not the same as the one provided by a video recorder for the browser. And since this solution is free, regardless of the browser you are using, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t choose it. After all, you don’t have to be a computer specialist to be able to use such a recorder. Of course, they have their downsides as well, but they will ease your task in making videos on your computer while working on it. Don’t judge until you try, because you may find it very useful in the end.