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Many computer experts and users enjoy creating videos that demonstrate how to do a particular task or teach others the ins and outs of a program. Recording these videos from your screen can also be used to create video game tips and tricks or a business presentation. Recording means that you are capturing whatever activity is taking place on the desktop of your computer. You can save all the actions you take, mouse movements and program effects as the video file for sharing on YouTube or another site or sending to a friend or colleague through email.

One of the best options we found is Online Screen Recorder, which is a free program that works on both Windows and Mac computers. You can capture video and audio with ease from any part of your screen or from the entire thing all at once. It features full-screen, custom screen and WebCam modes. This even lets you record video and audio from Gchat and Skype.

Essential Features

One Click Screen Recording Option

It does not matter what type of video you want to create – a tutorial on how to use a piece of software, a lecture for a business presentation or a humorous video about a game. You can catch it all with one click in Online Screen Recorder's user-friendly interface.

Free! Record With No Time or Size Limits

There is no limit as to how much you can record with Online Screen Recorder. Whether you want a two-minute clip for a tutorial or a saved recording of an hour long TV show or university lecture, this tool will work great for you.

Captures Audio and Video at the Same Time

Anyone who has ever worked with video before will understand how great it is that Online Screen Recorder gets audio at the same time as the video recording. This allows you to record game sounds, program sounds or your own voice from the microphone so it matches the video perfectly. This is the best free screen cast program for recording available.

Included Web Cam Capture Feature Too

The convenience of being able to capture your WebCam activity pushes Online Screen Recorder to the top of the list of useful apps. Whether you use Skype, Gchat or other web cam communication programs, you can easily record more than one video on your screen at the same time. You can even change the size of the pictures to get the look you want.

Document Your Life With the Simple Screenshot Feature

This program allows you to take screenshots as well. Any picture you find online, text blurb or still shot from a video can be saved in various formats including PNG, GPT, Tiff, GIF or bitmap. Simple editing tools are also included.

Get to a Polished Video With Easy Edit Options

Getting to a finished video project quicker with this online tool. It is not necessary to wait until the whole video is taken before you begin to edit. Add shapes, notes, text, icons and colors to the video while it is still recording. This allows you to create higher-quality media that is ready to publish as soon as you're done recording.

Simple File Conversion Helps You Share Video Anywhere

Conversion into various popular video formats is as easy as clicking a few buttons. The user-friendly interface walks you through the process.

bullet pointDesktop Application

Screen Recorder allows for professional level screen capturing and both audio and video recording simultaneously. Although you can only save the screen casts in WMV the format, the program also includes a handy conversion tool. You can convert to AVI, FLV, SWF and MP4 as well as other popular formats.

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This desktop application has more capability and features than most of the online options. You can capture any part of your screen, including the entire thing, or crop the area easily. The option to schedule tasks is also available.

bullet pointMore Alternative Solutions

Screenr – Online Option 1

Screenr allows you to capture recordings of your computer screen without needing to download or install any programs. Instead, it uses Java and an online account that you can sign up for with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Windows live or LinkedIn. This easy tool allows you to select which area on your screen you would like to capture and then recorded for a maximum of five minutes. The recordings are saved online and each has a link so you can share it on your website, blog or social media. MP4 exporting is also available if you wish to put it on YouTube. There is no reason to go to the website if you want to capture a video. Screenr gives you a convenient icon to click at any time.

Jing – Online Option 2

Some people do not want to pay money for the powerful Snagit tool crafted by TechSmith. To cater to this crowd, the company has produced another tool called Jing. It is perfectly free and easy to use, but it is simpler and has less features than the other program. You can record videos and share them with just a few simple steps though. One of the great benefits of using this tool from TechSmith is the free support you get from the company. Some features include the ability to use hotkeys when recording, but in general it is not useful for very large screen capturing projects.

EZVID – Online Option 3

If you want to record your screen with an easy to use tool and upload the videos to YouTube right away, EZVID may be the solution for you. No external editors are needed because there is one included in the program. EZVID is free just like most of the other tools that are talked about above. It has many useful features such as speech synthesis and speed control.

User Guide

It only takes a few clicks to make screencasts and save it to local drive, you can also record the audio, cursor effects and others along with screen activity.

Step 1: Select the source of the audio input.

Step 2: Choose desired recording mode.

Step 3: Push the "Start" button to begin recording. A convenient three, two, one countdown is provided so you know when to start your actions.

Step 4: Convert, play back, rename, remove or delete the recording when it is done.

Step 5: Adjust the hotkeys in the "Tools" menu in the top bar. Just click on "Options" under the "General".

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