Topic in Brief: Vimeo not playing

Founded in 2004, Vimeo was made to distribute videos with decent quality and almost all of such videos are displayed in HD as default. The word “Vimeo” is a hybrid term of “Video” and “Me”. Due to the rigorous policy of video submission as well as excellent performance in distributing videos, there have quickly been enormous fans gathering on Vimeo. With the quick development, innovative user settings and increasing number of quality contents, Vimeo has turned out to be a competitive rival of YouTube. Despite the fact that many people like streaming animations, footage, movie clips and more on Vimeo, you may sometimes encounter the problem of Vimeo not playing. Although this rarely happens, it does appear due to some typical reasons, we will discuss it in this article for troubleshooting.

Problem 1 – Flash Player is Obsolete

This is a common issue that may exist when playing web videos on your browser. If you have not updated your Adobe flash player timely, you will find your browser fail to load just any videos online. And to solve such issue is simple – just go to re-install your Flash Player and restart your browser. If you’re unsure about this procedure, find the detailed steps:

reinstall flash player

  • - Go to visit this official product page: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/, just wait a short while till your browser detects your current Flash Player and offers you the suitable installer to update.
  • - When the installer has been downloaded properly, run and setup this plugin to your browser.
  • - When initiating installation, it may pop-up a warning dialog depending on the situation, accept it when being asked.
  • - Now the installation bar should emerge, you just follow the wizard to finish the installation/update.
  • - Restart your browser, check if you have enabled the Flash Player in the list of browser extension (settings depend on the browser you’re using), that’s it.

Problem 2 – Browser Issues

Sometimes, the browser we usually use may be out of date, occupied with cache or contains some odd problems. In order to overcome such issues and to watch videos properly, it’s recommended to update your browser. Actually, most browsers will remind you to sync to latest version automatically. But if you’re not sure, just go for the browser’s official site to check.

clear browser cache

Still, if the flash video does not play on latest version of the browser you’re using, you may try cleaning the cache, below are the tips for some mainstream browsers:

  • Chrome – click into the button on upper-right corner and then select “Settings”. From the pop-up dialog, click “Show advanced settings” and then forward to “Clean browsing data” in “Privacy” section.
  • Safari (iOS) – Go to “Settings” on home page, scroll down the list and select “Safari”, and then click “Clear Cookies and Data”.
  • Safari (Mac) – Similar to Chrome go for the top-right icon on your browser, select “Reset Safari” from the setting list, and then go for “Remove all website data”.
  • IE – Also go to the setting menu on top-right, and then go for “Safety” – “Delete Browsing History” – “Temporary Internet Files and website files” – “Delete” (at the bottom of dialog), that’s it.
  • FireFox – After clicking the settings menu on top-right, go through “Options” – “Advanced” – “Network” tab, and then select “Clean Now” under “Cache Web Content”.

Problem 3 - Internet Connection and Hard Drive Issues

In some situations, if it takes a long time to load a video or just cannot load it, it may because of your internet connection speed. Please know that other webpages you open on browser or ongoing download tasks will also slow down loading a video. Upon the confirmation of your internet connection, also close the other tasks that may occupy broadband, then check again if the problem has been fixed.

Still, if the above solutions do not share lights on improving video playback, you’re suggested to check if your hardware is affected by malware or other virus. Run a scan on your computer if needed.

Extra Tips for Downloading Vimeo Videos

Internet connection is a must-have for watching videos on Vimeo, but if you need to view a video for several times and also want to bring it on-the-go, then you could check this part for details. By utilizing a proper video download manager, you’re able to keep the videos files in local drive for wider range of usage.


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In order to do so, you could now get a free trial of Video Downloader Pro, a proficient yet versatile tool for grabbing videos from web. It covers the downloading videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more than 100 sites. Despite the essential download capability, it also provides the main functions as itemized:

  • - Supports of multiple media formats, you’re able to turn downloaded videos to video/audio formats for multiple purposes.
  • - A perfect combination of video downloader, converter and transfer – you can get videos on your mobile players within minutes.
  • - Valuable components of built-in player, video recorder and file manager for you to enrich your video collections.


To summarize, we have been discussing several workable approaches to solve the problems regarding Vimeo not playing on browser. If you find the tips useful or find your situations not included here, please leave a comment below.