Topic in Brief: Vimeo to MP3

Vimeo, a popular video sharing site, allows users to watch, upload and share videos from various users. This site is very similar to other video sharing sites, such as YouTube, but Vimeo places a larger emphasis on user created videos. None the less, commercial videos, such as movie clips, can still be found on the site. Thanks to the censor regulations, the videos on Vimeo are in relatively high quality, which is why so many users need to download them. Moreover, some of them even need convert Vimeo to the MP3 format to enjoy the background music. In this way, users could listen to high quality music on their computer, mobile device or media player without internet.

Though it requires registration to upload video to Vimeo, any visitor can stream videos on this site. They could also download some video clips authorized by the people who uploaded them. Vimeo doesn’t offer a direct way to convert a video to the MP3 format, but there are additional applications that can carry out this process. Some of these programs can be run on your browser, some have to be installed on your computer, but all of these applications will work as converting Vimeo video to the MP3 format. These methods will all be presented for Windows and Mac users to enjoy music extracted from Vimeo clips.

I. Vimeo to MP3 Software

We’re starting off with the best method of converting a Vimeo video. First off, download and install the “Video Downloader Pro” onto your computer.


win free trial trial version for mac free

We will use Windows version to demonstrate the procedure to extract MP3 from Vimeo, but Mac users can also refer to it, for the steps are merely the same. To start, choose your preferred web browser for streaming videos when installing the program, activate the program, and then play the video in the chosen browser. While viewing the video, you should see a “Download” icon in the top-right corner of the screen. This icon allows you to add the current video to your download queue. In addition, you can also copy the video’s URL, enter the main interface and choose “Paste URL”. This way works for Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion and many other sites.

download mp3

Next, use this method to download as many video clips as you want. Once the download is complete, you can find the videos in the “Finished” menu on the left pane.

video in download progress 

Lastly, click the “Convert” option near a video and select MP3 as the output. This is the final step to quickly convert a Vimeo video file into an MP3 file. It’s just as easy to send the MP3 file to media devices; simply select the “Device” option when choosing where to output the file. That's it, if you're willing to get more info about Vimeo and the tips on downloading it in multiple formats, check this article for details.

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2. Get MP3 with Streaming Audio Recorder

This option is a bit more versatile, as it allows you to record any sound on your computer, from media players to video sites like Vimeo. The quality of the audio will not be diminished. By using streaming audio recorder, you can maximize the quality of audio by recording the sound of video directly. This tool is available on Softonic and can be used without cost or reigstration.

streaming audio record

Any audio file recorded with this tool is saved as an MP3 file, so this option eliminates the conversion process. And if you need, it’s still possible to convert recorded audio to other formats, such as WAV and ACC. In addition, it’s available for Windows and Mac, so any user can make use of this audio recorder.

The only limit for using this software is about the efficiency. It can be time consuming to record the sound of every video clip as you need to play them from beginning to the end (Or just go through the part you like). As a general rule of thumb, you should always stop the video after you’ve captured the audio you want without having to wait for it ends. That way, you can avoid spending unnecessary time editing the rest of the video out.

vimeo to mp4

III. Vimeo to MP3 Online Converter Free

This is the simplest option for converting Vimeo videos to MP3 files. It is useful for extracting MP3 quality audio from nearly any video site, such as YouTube or Vimeo, in a matter of clicks. For starters, you must download the videos you wish to use. To do this on Vimeo, there are three simple steps that nearly anyone can do. Note that the application is readily to use on keepvid.com, just follow the instructions to work it out.


  • * First, copy the link of the desired Vimeo video.
  • * Next, paste the link into the “URL” field and select the “Download” option.
  • * Lastly, the application should detect the source of the video. After this process, simply choose a format you want and save the file (Right-click on the link and select "Save link as"). Keepvid now offers MP3, MP4 and other media formats, so you can easily turn videos into MP3 within this tool.

After a short while doing something else on your browser, you will get the audio properly from Vimeo, and then you can enjoy it on your portable player.

IV. Online Video Downloader - Vimeo2MP3

Another handy and Specific video downloader is Vimeo2MP3, this tool is clearly distinguishable and works as extracting audio from flash videos on Vimeo. Upon visiting this site, it detects your language automatically and will redirect you to the page in your language. This site recommends a software tool on the top banner, but you can ignore it by scrolling down the page and you will see a URL field.

vimeo2mp3 interface

Simply copy and paste the URL of target video into the given field, and then you can configure the output formats (MP3), quality and source. Once done, click the "Download" icon besides these options and you will get the MP3 file in a short while. Enjoy!