Topic in Brief:
Vimeo on Mac

vimeo logoIf you want to watch HD video in a wide variety of categories, Vimeo just might be the perfect site for you. Because of their powerful search engine, people interested in certain genres or niches can easily find tons of videos to watch. However, some people who use Vimeo would like to download their favorite clips so they can watch them later on or share them more easily with friends or coworkers. For Mac users, there’re fewer solutions compared with Windows. Although diehard Mac fans love their systems, they do have fewer program options when it comes to downloading.

I. Official Mac-Only Vimeo Downloader

vimeo built-in downloaderIf you are a Vimeo premium user, you are allowed to save whatever videos you enjoy directly to your computer. After browsing the categories or using their powerful search function to find a video you like, all you have to do is click the "Download" button below the player screen. You can then select standard or high definition, and then save the video file in whatever folder on your hard drive. You will see the download of videos starts automatically.

Unfortunately, users sometimes come across a Vimeo video that is not available for download in the standard way. The people who originally upload the videos may encrypt it so they are not taken by others for the wrong purposes. If this happens to you, there are still two options that allow you to grab the Vimeo video so you can watch it later on.

II. Online App to Download Vimeo on Mac/Win

It's an Internet-based application that is 100% free. It allows you to save your favorite videos from multiple sharing sites. Since this is completely online, there is no need to download a program, install anything on your computer, register or pay. For convenience sake, this online app works well on every Internet browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and more. Downloading Vimeo videos to your Mac always works with this app. Just follow these simple steps to get started:

  • 1. Navigate to the webpage downloader with any browser.
  • 2. Install a quick launcher if it's the first time in using this app.
  • 3. Copy the URL of the video and paste it into the "Download" box.
  • 4. Click "Download" button, after a short wait, choose the file format you wish to save the video in. Options include: MP4, 3GP, FLV and many more.
  • 5. Move your mouse to right-click on desired video format and select "save video as" for downloading the video in chosen format.

Toubleshooting for Problems in Downloading Vimeo

If there is a problem or the program seems to lock up without downloading and saving your video, troubleshooting is quite simple. First, open the link you are using in a new window to make sure it works. Next, complete the above of five steps again to see if the problem was fixed. If you are still experiencing problems or receive no preview of the video file you tried to download, trying a different program with more extensive downloading capabilities may be best.