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Download Vimeo Mac

When you spend some time on the internet, you will realize that it is flooded with videos. You may not have the time to watch videos that you are interested in. Sites like Vimeo and YouTube have videos that can be captured for viewing later on some other devices when it is not necessary to see them with the help of an internet connection. Vimeo also features music videos. Some people want to retain the audio files and eliminate the visual part. These videos could be converted to MP3, MP4 or they could be downloaded to iTunes. Vimeo is definitely one of the most popular platforms for sharing videos outside of YouTube. Vimeo was created to offer quality videos to users.

vimeoVimeo is a website that shares videos and offers quality video clips. It also encourages its users to download videos with the original uploader’s permission. The reason why some video sharing sites do not make it easy to download videos for playing them offline is due to copyright issues and putting burden on the server’s use. This article covers the demand for downloading Vimeo videos on Macintosh operating systems. You can save videos that are not kept open for downloading through online solutions and software. Here are some options that will help you download Vimeo videos on Mac operating systems.

I. Web Apps for Downloading Vimeo Online

This app is provided by Ace Thinker on its website. You could simple enter the URL of any video to grab it. Also, it's free of ads, Java Script, plugins, etc.

  • 1. You have to open a fresh tab, visit Vimeo and select your desired video to copy the URL of its page.
  • 2. Click on "Ctrl" + "V" to paste URL into the field for download.
  • 3. Click on the "Download" icon and wait for it to display the video formation with options for formatting it.
  • 4. Right-click on the format that suits your video need and select "Save Link As". You will have to choose a local directory for saving.
  • The app will complete downloading your video.

II. Web Browser Extension for Downloading Vimeo

Activity Window is often overlooked as a web browser extension of safari. It hides often in plain sight in the Window menu. You can use Command Option A for faster access. This shows all activity related to the web pages you are viewing currently. You can use it to embed QuickTime movies. Users can take advantage of browser extensions. Safari offers a useful tool which is known as "Activity Window" for saving streaming videos from Vimeo. These videos could easily be seen offline on your Macintosh systems.

activity window on safari

  • 1. You have to initiate the Safari window with the video from Vimeo that you want to download on your Mac system.
  • 2. You have to press Command/A/Option or you may have to go to Windows>Activity using the shortcut of Alt/Apple/A in Safari.
  • 3. You have to search for `Video Name’. When you would like to download a true video file, you have to select the largest size for your file.
  • 4. You have to double click for downloading the Vimeo video to Mac.

The file that is downloaded with safari gets saved in FLV and this may be incompatible with the QuickTime player of Mac. You may require a video converter that helps in the conversion of Vimeo FLV video to MP4 or M4V format that is readable on the Mac system.

III. Downloading Online Videos on Mac

Video Dwonloader Pro is a versatile tool for downloading videos on Mac and Windows platforms. It provides multiple ways to grab the videos from over 100 sites:

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The Integrated Download Button – This button gets integrated into the web browser such as Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome. This will seem like the download function is offered by the video sharing website itself. You will be able to watch the video while it downloads. This button is displayed at the upper right hand corner of the video that stays opened in the browser.

download streaming video

Paste the URL Button – Most online video downloaders prefer this route. When downloading videos on Mac. This is also referred to as raw recording as the video could be recorded while it streams through platforms like Netflix.


Dragging and Dropping the URL – You have to drag and then drop the URL of the video to the interface of this program for automatic downloading.

downloading videos

The easiest and fastest method to capture videos from Vimeo is to use services of online video downloaders. There are many apps that can help download Vimeo videos and they are all user friendly while being compatible with Mac OS X.