Topic in Brief: Convert Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the most premier sites and sources for viewing videos and music. The most common use of this site is to watch music videos in their highest quality and abundance. With millions of views each on the site and millions more on the YouTube links it is quite obvious to see the popularity of the brand.

Over the past few years Vimeo has been pandered for not allowing a simple and streamlined way to download the content to watch offline. While it is a great service that is highly regarded and recommended for the streaming capabilities it can be hard to swallow this fact. The high quality of the content makes for the perfect source to download.

vimeo conversionMost people have used workarounds to download the videos straight from Vimeo and watch them where and when they please. The choice to go with his source is made from what you get. The high quality of the video and audio on this site makes for fantastic content. While the file size is much larger most still go for the great resolution. Downloading these videos through this route allows for offline play as well as conversion to other formats. Converting to multiple formats allows for playback on just about any device! Whether you are looking to convert the video to Mp3 Mo4 or some other proprietary format you are in luck. With this trick we can even get the file to work on IOS devices!

I. Best Means for Converting Vimeo Videos

Even thought the options above are viable for use, there is only one true choice. You could give it a try to the fantastic total package that is Video Downloader Pro. This is the next step up for downloading and converting Vimeo files. You actually download this application to your computer and it allows for playback right on the service! Download for over 1000 sites and keep the full quality of the file even when converting! This is the greatest option when looking to get the videos off of Vimeo and onto one of your devices for easy and instant offline access.

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This tool works for PC or mac and can be downloaded for free whenever you need. While the download is free and downloads form YouTube are allowed in the free trial version you will want to upgrade. Unfortunately the $29.99 price point is a bit steep when next to the web apps above. Sure the quality and performance is far better, but the cost may be too rich for some blood.

II. Simple Solutions - Online Downloader Applications

There are many different downloader solutions out there for you to take advantage of. Lets take a brief look into three of them.

Keepvid: Keepvid is a video downloader in the form of a free web application. You can use this tool to take video files form many different sites including YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. Simply add the URL into the search bar on the homepage and you will see the fetch happen instantaneously. This is a great site for easy access to multiple sites on one page, but can be very slow for this same reason.

keepvid interface

Zamzar: Zamzar is a fantastic web tool that allows for simple video conversions without any downloads or sign ups. All you need is the URL of the video and desired format. Once you hit that convert button it grabs the video from online and converts it to allow your exact file to download. This is great for downloading and converting in one go!

zamzar guide

Savevid: Savevid is a simple online video tool for downloading videos straight form a webpage. Like the others above all you need is the URL of the video and the prowess to click a button. While this is the most straightforward of the multiple downloaders it is the only one that has not conversion functionality built in. Even the other converters are not great it is quite nice to have that option available.


III. Video Download Plugins

A last ditch effort for downloading these videos can be through a web plugin. These are great for easy access right on your browser but the performance is often lacking. Whatever you are looking for keep this as an open option.

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