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URL to MP3

url video downloaderSometimes, a quick visit to YouTube can become somewhat of a stressful situation because you find dozens of videos that you want to watch instantly but just don’t have the time. Maybe you have found a new artist, some great cooking tutorials, other educational videos, it can be hard to choose which ones to watch. However, you no longer have to choose and miss out on important videos. Do you ever find yourself listening to YouTube rather than watching it? There are tons of videos available that don’t necessarily require you to watch but do have important audio; the solution to this is actually quite simple.

I. URL to MP3 Converter Online App

This is a great option for those who don’t like to install programs to their computer or have to sign up to then receive constant emails. Web apps, such as our site's video downloader, are easy to use and will have you listening to the video of choice in next to no time.

The process is simple; copy the URL of your chosen video, paste it into the site and click the "Download" button. A number of different media formats will be available once the web app has recognised your video meaning that you can save it as an MP3, AAC, and more. Right click on the "Download" icon then click "Save Link As" and you will have your file after a short download.

You may require a quick setup the very first time using this web app but it will be easily accessible, with no subscription, Java, or installation, thereafter.

II. Browser Extension Downloader

If you are likely to want to download videos often, an extension for your web browser is also a good option. Extensions, like Youtube to MP3, requires a short download but once added to your web browser, can make it easy to download any video at will. A small ‘play’ button will be added to the address bar and when clicked, the video will be downloaded as an audio file.

youtube mp3 browser extension

III. Real Player Video Downloader

This is yet another good option and requires a simple installation. Once this video downloader software is installed, you will be able to add videos that are already held on your computer to their library. Open the app, click on the dropdown menu next to the RealPlayer logo, click "File" and then finally, "Scan Disk for Media". The app will search your device for videos and you will then have the option to add them to the RealPlayer library.

real downloader 

Once in the library, you will see a "Convert To" button in the left panel which will start the process of converting your local videos to MP3. You will then be able to drag and drop any videos from the library that you want to convert to an audio file. If you feel confident, you can adjust the settings to however you prefer and then go ahead and click on the big green "Start" button. Your work is done after this and all that remains is to wait for the file to complete its conversion.

IV. Record Audio on iPhone

There're very few URL to MP3 Converter on iPhone, but if you like the music of a web video, you can go another way by recording the audio directly as MP3. In this way, you can enjoy the music without having to convert video to MP3 via URL. Voice Recorder is a prevalent free app on Apple Store, allowing people to record the sound on their mobiles. It has classic interface like a tape on which you will find control options (play, store, record and save as) just like using an old walkman. There're also options to backup recordings, share audio to network, trim recorded audio, etc. You can get accustomed to this tool and like using it shortly.

V. Download Video to MP3 on Android

tube video downloaderThere're much more options on Android when it comes to download videos from web. However, Tube Video Downloader is a relatively practicable app among them. It grants you the capabilities to grab videos from many websites including Facebook, Tumblr, Vimeo, Instagram and others. For any of them, you could simply enter the URL of a video to preserve it. And if you prefer, you may also choose to extract audio from web videos directly. This tool is free to use, but it does not support YouTube and requires you login Facebook for downloading the videos on it.