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A lot of people who want to download videos from Joost, Boxee, Yahoo, CBS and Yahoo choose StreamTransport as their preferred application. Users like the fact that it automatically downloads videos from the URL without any extra clicking or selections. However, there’re also problems that it sometimes does not work due to lack of maintanence. Even though it works properly, you have to grab and convert one video file at a time, which can make the process take a lot longer than is necessary. Also, it cannot be used with Mac OS or Apple devices. Therefore, this article will discuss better alternative downloaders that can download HD videos from URL without quality loss.

Best Alternatives for Win/Mac

1. Video Keeper (Win & Mac)

2-4 Mins
Very Easy

Among so many StreamTransport alternatives, Video Keeper is considered the top choice because of its intuitive interface, fast downloading speed, wide support of video sites and other powerful functions. The same as StreamTransport, this program lets you download video clip from various sites that use HTTP, FTP, RTMP and other multimedia transferring protocols to stream videos. Popular websites include YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, VEVO, Dailymotion, etc. Better than StreamTransport, it allows you to download as many streams at you like at the same time and convert the downloaded videos to regular video/audio formats to fit different media player, social media sites, portable devices and more. Besides downloading online videos, you can also use this StreamTransport to record online live streaming videos using the screen recording function and edit dowloaded videos via the built-in video editor.

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

2. Screen Grabber Pro (Win & Mac)

This versatile program has a supremely user-friendly interface so it is easy to use by people of all skill and experience levels. It works as simply recording anything that’s happening on your screen, including sound from your computer, voice from microphone and webcam.

screen grabber pro for windows
2 - 4 mins

trial free for windowstry on mac for free

Within this tool, you could easily record the video from Hulu, Netflix and other platforms. It can replace Stream Transport and to achieve the same results of saving videos for watching offline. Once done with installation, simply activate this program and click "Start" on main panel, you could then drag a region on the playback window of any web video to record it. Ensure you have smooth internet connection without buffering because it will also be recorded. If the video has long duration, you could leave the tool working there and get back later. There will be a toolbar for you to control over the whole process and stop recording at any time you want. More features of this tool can be learnt from the software product page.


3. Video Downloader Pro (Win & Mac)

3-5 Mins

This tool can download clips from a vast array of video sharing websites including YouTube and Hulu among dozens of others. It also allows for full video conversion to file formats used on all computers including Windows, Mac, Apple devices, Galaxy and smart phones.

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Get started by clicking the "Download" button and install the program on your computer. Follow the instructions and guide to get started quickly.

Please Note: The process for downloading videos described here is specifically for Mac computers and devices. The process for Windows OS is very similar and should be figured out easily by people who’re working with it.

After you install the Video Downloader Pro program, start it up and access the main user interface screen. Explore the menu options to find "Downloading" and "Downloaded" on the left hand side of the screen. This helps you organize the videos you grab so you know what’s happening every step of the way.


Now, head to your favorite video sharing site like YouTube or Hulu and find the video you want to save. When you hover your mouse over the video, you will see a download button appear on the side or one of the top corners of the playback window. Just hit that button to add the video to the list you want to download. You can do this for as many videos as you want to make a long or short queue in the program.


You can stream as many videos as desired directly in your browser and keep adding them to the program as you go. Just click the "Downloading" selection on the navigation menu to check the status. You can keep track of all the videos that are being grabbed from the Internet and see how much longer you have to wait. This program, unlike StreamTransport, also allows you to pause the download process and started up again later.


After all the videos in the queue are done, click on the "Downloaded" menu selection to see the list. From here, you can also click on "Convert" next to whichever videos you want to change to a different file type. After you click this button, the program loads another screen that allows you to choose from "Recent," "Video," "Audio," "Apple," "Android" and others.

Convert Videos

If you use any Apple or Mac device such as the iPad or iPhone, simply click on "Apple" and then select the device type from the list. Remember to check mark the "Open the directory when process completed" space and simply click on "OK" to begin. That is it. With just two simple clicks you can change any video into the correct file format for any Mac device. It automatically selects the dimensions, definition, file size and other attributes for optimum viewing pleasure. When the process is done, the program shows you a directory of the converted videos so you can choose which to view or transfer.


More Alternatives

Real Player SP lets you play videos from URL’s directly in the interface of the program. After you copy the URL from your Internet browser and paste it into Real Player, you will also get the option to download it and save it to your hard drive. Videos are usually saved in MP4 format within this program. Although the developer claimed it could download videos in high definition (HD), in our experience the video doesn’t retain the HD quality when being played in Real Player. However, the video turns to be in HD again when playing on VLC Player. So VLC is more suitable for viewing the videos downloaded by this tool.

real player downloader
5 - 8 mins
Player Add on

Freemake Video Downloader is a free program that you can install on your hard drive if you use the "Custom" setting. This allows you to deselect all the extra programs it also wants to install. These aren’t viruses and the program is safe as far as we know, but many people do not want the software trials or toolbars included. We have found that the Freemake Video Downloader does work well with many video sharing sites. If you find it does not fulfill your needs, you can uninstall it very easily. The same developers also created a user-friendly video conversion tool to switch file formats as needed.

freemake video downloader
3 - 5 mins
Windows Only

Download Accelerator Manager is another free alternative to Stream Transport, making internet downloading a better organized and joyful experience. This program is also simply in using this program, for you can directly copy and paste the URL of a video to grab it. It’s capable of detecting the URL of video from YouTube, Hulu or other sites and letting you download them directly. It also covers the downloads of just any sources on internet as long as you got the URL. If you find issues in using Stream Transport on Windows, you can then give it a try to this alternative solution.

download accelerator manager
5 - 10 mins

Extra Tips of Using StreamTransport

Stream Transport was uniquely designed to work well with the Hulu platform. Because Hulu’s videos are in RTMP format, most video downloaders do not work well with it. This format means the files are encrypted or streamed directly without the benefit of a URL or video link.

stream transport downloader
5 - 8 mins

Despite the problems as described above, if you find this tool works on your computer, you may follow the guide below to download Hulu videos in minutes:

1 – Open up the Stream Transport browser and navigate to the video you wish to watch. The whole process is exactly like how you would normally use Hulu in an Internet browser.

stream transport interface

2 – Play the video and watch the "Detection List" for the video’s URL. Click on the URL and then click "Download" to begin the process.

stream transport task

3 – Select the website address for the video itself and not any of the advertisements. This should not be too much of a challenge because the video should be much longer and will also have title in the URL itself.

stream transport downloading

4 – Navigate over to the "Download" window. This should include the URL of the Hulu video you are downloading as well as controls so that you can stop, pause, search for or delete any of the download jobs in the list. Stream Transport allows you to stop downloads and resume them at a later time. Unfortunately, it does not pick up where you left off and instead starts the entire show over again.

Note: This program works best if you let it sit and finish one process before switching back to the browser to find your next favorite Hulu show. Switching back and forth between windows is annoying and time-consuming. An alternative program instead of Stream Transport may be a better solution for you.

5 – If the video you are trying to download has encryption on it, the program may stutter or fluctuate on and off at times. This may necessitate restarts in extreme cases. Websites without encryption will allow you to download videos smoothly.

6 – You can browse through videos and download them while others are playing. The download will continue even if you click away from the video or stop it.

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