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The application MP3 Rocket is designed for converting videos to MP3. You are even able to use this tool to create video ringtones. It has the ability to download songs in superior quality mode with 256 kbs bitrate. The free edition is free and the pro one costs 49.95 dollars. MP3 Rocket definitely appears to be a helpful app, although it has some issues, like suitability. On Mac, editions or Basic and Pro do not function. Today, MP3 does not just support Windows PCs. This is clearly explained by the certified website.

Avoid attempting to download EXE file from the website of MP3 Rocket and operate it on your Mac. You are going to receive a message stating ‘damaged download’ or such. You require MP3 Rocket for Mac substitute which truly assists you to transform YouTube to MP3. You need no worry if your MP3 Rocket does not work. A lot of substitutes are available for MP3 Rocket for Mac such as OS X EL Capitan. Study the substitutes below and find out the ideal one.

Best Alternative - Video Downloader Pro

3-5 Mins

This is without dispute the most ideal MP3 Rocket Pro for Mac. It is among the simplest YouTube downloader and converter for Mac or OS X 10.9 Yosemite which allows you a single click to acquire MP3 from Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Daily Motion, Veoh and Vevo and a maximum of 100 sites. Similar to MP3 Rocket, it downloads videos and transforms them very fast. Acquire a free trial today at no charge.


try it on macfree trial on windows os

To make use of this program, you should download and install it. You will be led by a wizard through the procedure one step at a time. When finalized, a button for download will be combined in your chosen browser (s). You can operate it from Application folder after that. Starting from now, you can view Firefox, YouTube in Safari or Chrome and store it on MP3 whenever you desire.


Now proceed to with the browser you prefer and run the video you desire to download. Run your mouse over YouTube video player; the button for Download will be visible at the corner on the top left. Press on it to begin capturing the YouTube video and downloading it.

download in mp3

Or, copy the URL of the YouTube video and press Paste URL or drag the URL and drop it to the dock. The two will begin downloading your chosen YouTube video.

Enter URL

The video which is downloaded will be visible in Downloaded tab. To transform YouTube video to MP3 press Convert on Downloaded tab. In the window which appears, select MP3 layout from Common Audio grouping.

Convert Videos

Alternatively, you can straightway choose iPod in Apple grouping and PSP in Game Device in similar manner. All tools and formats that are popular are supported comprehensively. In case an Apple tool is selected, you can place a tick on the choice ‘Export to iTunes’ at the window’s foot. In this case, the transformed MP3 file is going to be moved to iTunes library instantly. Only some clicks are needed in order to play on your iPod.


Premium Feature – Download Videos in MP3 Straightly

This substitute for MP3 Rocket for Mac facilitates quick YouTube to iTunes or MP3 download. After you check the button for “Download then Convert” above the corner at the top right, you fix the format for conversion. Therefore, when you press browser’s Download button, the YouTube video is going to be downloaded straight to iTunes and MP3. No need to configure settings anymore. It’s a wonderful video download manager program!

Another Alternative - Audio Recorder Tool

3-5 Mins

Nowadays, a lot of surfers can derive a lot of enjoyment by making records of MP3 audio from the browser’s videos that are playing. A scheme such as this is truly made possible by the diverse software which is brilliant, that is able to extract audio as well as video files from the uploaded ones over the internet.

Actually MP3 Rocket is among the most ideal software to accomplish this task. But, for any person searching for substitute software for MP3 rocket, they can also attempt the Streaming Audio Recorder. To utilize this software, it needs to be initially downloaded and installed on the computer.

try it on macfree trial on windows os

After doing this it can be utilized for making records of streaming audio from varied internet sources. Whatever audio the computer plays can be recorded by MP3 Streaming Audio Recorder. When you open the program, the interface will present a record button. Pressing on this button will instantly make a recording of any audio or tune that is playing or streaming on your computer.

Alternative to MP3 Rocket for Android

3-5 Mins
Mobile Manager

If you intend to move a video to an Android gadget, you can utilize TunesOver for Mac to attain this.This app is made to transfer media files media files to whatever gadget you desire from iDevices. Examples of media files are images, audio and videos. You can shift them by establishing a connection between your gadget and smartphone or any other gadget with your Mac, by making use of a USB able or you can transfer the files to iTunes. It is quick and can recognize the media files fast.

turnover mac

It presents the feature of media file format detection that provides choices of changing the files which back the formats of iDevice. Therefore, even if you move any gadget from an Android phone, you still can make it function.

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