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Topic in Brief: iLivid Alternatives

iLivid is a leading tool for downloading, particularly created for users of Windows. It offers simple and unique user experience.  Inside it, individuals are able to get video clips from sites which are most famous such as Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion and many more.

It functions as an independent program that gives you access to a browser installed within, for downloading and browsing favorite videos. After going to the interface, users are able to complete the procedure for download simply, using the directions. The program attests to possessing an accelerator for enhancing the download, even though the outcome is not very apparent, as per our analysis.

I. Features of iLivid

In spite of the necessary ability to download video streams at no cost, iLivid presents some unusual operation for handling torrents. You might also load a file for torrent straight to the program and download the file needed. In addition, iLivid offers support to sites’ download clips also, which need premium accounts; however, you should log in prior to starting.

interface of ilivid

Without a doubt, iLivid is a wonderful tool; however, it contains its personal disadvantages which may make some users of Windows hesitant to make use of it. At times, it is ineffective due to the following:

  • 1. The network connection might be inadequate; find out whether the connection to your internet is appropriate.
  • 2. It may be also that the site for video which you visit has been updated of late with limitation on videos’ downloading; in such circumstances, you require to disable iLivid and enable the newest one.
  • 3. It is probable also that the file you desire to download does not come from one of the leading file hosts that provides iLivid Download Manager downloading. These are,, and Fileserve. Com.

In this case, you need turn to other iLivid alternatives. Still, plugins are elements which may present a barrier to you in making regular use of it. These are presented by the program as well as the program’s default setting where the program is activated each time you begin the system. In addition, presently there is no version of Mac which is available. Therefore, we are going to evaluate the substitutes which are being presented with quality functions and improves safety defense.

II. Online Substitutes to iLivid Program

Different from iLivid which presents problems in regard to plug-ins and odd activation, the downloader online can be used as a fast substitute for an alternative answer. It is suitable for Mac and Windows systems since it is founded on webpage and you are able to load it whenever you require without setting it up.

This video downloader app is readily to use on its page, while you only need to input the URL of a video to download it. Once the download button is clicked, you will see the app presents a list of downloadable media formats, while you could choose any of them to save your video to local drive. You may also extract audio from any video within this tool while there's no need to install, subscribe or do other extra steps.

Moreover, you may also try With intuitive interface, it enables you to focus on accessing the video whenever you want. It is ready for utilization; from beneath, just type in the URL’s video you like (or utilize copy & paste) then press the button for ‘Download and this is all.


Select a layout you desire to follow. Press to the right on the download selection that is smaller near it and choose ‘Save link as.’ The selected layout’s video will be present in your hard drive shortly. After this, you can go on with extra video fields in similar method.

This is a technique which is useful and dependable; however, it does not provide a download manager for handling numerous clips simultaneously; this signifies that you need to wait for the completion of a video prior to proceeding to another one.

III. Mac OS’s iLivid Alternative Option

Users of Mac searching for a unique answer for downloading videos can use Mac Video Downloader. This is independent software that handles video files numbering 24 harmoniously.

mac trial for free

However, it functions differently by linking a download button to the video that you produce on the browser such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc. It also provides you with the choice to download using an URL on the interface of the program. Of great importance is that it does not provide add-ons nor ads to disrupt users.

starter interface of mac downloader

Even though the accelerator does not consist of anything particular, this program functions for video clips at a pace which is high also. In addition, if you purpose to obtain numerous clips simultaneously or obtain a lengthy movie, you can fix the close of program after completion of each task and let it operate there.

downloading video clips

Although 100 and more videos sites are backed by this tool, as specified in the formal site of the publisher, at present it does not operate for sites and torrent which need premium membership. But, it is believed that the strong output and huge variety of suitability turns this program into one which is worth attempting.

IV. Better Windows Option for iLivid Substitute

Video Downloader Pro is among the tools that are a lot more comprehensive option to iLivid. It is effective at all times and presents many wonderful features. We are going to demonstrate to you how easy downloading a file is, directly from YouTube.

free trial for windows

After downloading the program, operate the file for installer and adhere to the detailed wizard. Proceed after implementation and functioning of the hardware. You are able to obtain literally any video online that you desire. As the software backs very many famous media websites, you are going to strain to get a source of downloading.

Note: You could get any file for video and easily download it on browsers such as: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Explorer.

Step 1. Straightly Download Videos when Playing on Browser

Downloading a video is easy. When on a certain website, linger above the video box; a button for Download will be visible on the video’s top right corner. Just press this button and the video is going to be downloaded instantly by the video.

download playing videos

On the other hand, if you are aware of your specific video’s URL, you are able to replicate the URL straightaway and press the program’s button for Paste URL. In the backdrop, this is also going to begin the download procedure.

download progress

Note: You can line up whatever number of videos you want at the same time; it can simultaneously download as many as ten.

Step 2. Convert Downloaded Video Files

After the completion of the downloading of videos, you are going to be able to transform them in any format you need. Not every download is going to be easy with tools such as a tablet; but you should transform it first. Press the button for Finished on the Wondershare interface’s section on the left then press Convert for the video you choose which is on the section to the right. Select the layout which is most compatible for the tool (a lot of templates are present) and press OK to begin the procedure.

convert downloaded videos