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Top 10 IE Video Downloader

Why Download Videos on IE?

Even though there are tons of videos online and mobile devices allow you to access the internet from many locations, there's still may be times when you need to save a video to hard drive. People who use Internet Explorer (IE) will be happy to know that there are convenient options and add-ons that allow you to download videos easily. Since these plug directly into your browser, they are very simple to use and can be used from any video website online. Below you will find an explanation of the most helpful video download programs for IE.

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No. 1 IE DownloadHelper

Score: 8.5/10; Product Page: http://ie-downloadhelper.com/

Strength: Specially designed for IE users to grab videos on browser.

The name of this application tells you exactly what assistance you will get when you are on Internet Explorer. When you download and install this useful program, you will be able to get videos from most of the popular online video sharing sites as well as other websites to. You can download these videos when possible to your hard drive and even converts them into different file formats so they work well with whatever player you choose to use. They can be watched on your desktop, laptop, cell phone or tablet.

Using IE DownloadHelper is as simple as pressing a button. A tiny icon will appear in the menu of Internet Explorer and, when you go to a website that has video content, you can simply press it and download the video to the hard drive. A green light indicates if there is a video available. Another click on this image lets you get to the files you saved.


1. It's free to install with no virus.

2. This plug-in works on IE only, but you may look for anterlative if needed.

snapshot of ie video donwloader

No. 2 Video Downloader Pro

Score: 8/10; Product Page: Click here

Strength: Download, convert, manage and transfer web videos.

This is a versatile video download manager capable of working on IE, Chrome, FireFox and other browsers. It serves as grabbing videos on your IE with no limits on number of downloads, conversion formats and others. Within this tool, you can deal with flexible downloads in three ways: obtain the video straightly on playback window, grab it via the URL or record it. It's worth to mention that the last recording method is specially made to save live streams or shows with no static URL available. Upon downloading videos to your local drive, you can then manage them on program's interface and also access the options to go further converting or transferring these clips. You may get a free trial and explore more into this tool.


free trial for mac free trial windows

No. 3 Ant Video Downloader

Score: 7.5/10; Product Page: https://www.ant.com/video-downloader

Strength: Work on your browser to grab videos intuitively.

The website Ant.com provides a video downloading program that works inside your browser to search for videos you like on the internet, download them, navigate through the files you have collected and watch them as well. This powerful piece of programming offers five important capabilities to video fans: search, download, explore, playback and ranking. A convenient FAQ page and help file is included in case you become confused. Search with the Ant Video Downloader functions either in your browser or the Ant website itself.

ant video downloader banner

When you download video clips with this program, they are put in a unique Ant.com folder. The "Explore" button in the program itself allows you to navigate to this folder easily so you can see all the clips you have collected. A user-friendly toolbar allows you to customize the program for your particular needs including a change of save location.

No.4 SpeedBit Video Accelerator

Score: 7/10; Product Page: http://www.speedbit.com/

Strength: Download videos with optimized faster speed.

speedit programThe powerful SpeedBit program not only helps you download or capture full of videos or video clips from the internet, but it also includes a unique technology that makes video transfer speed much faster. It uses multiple threads of connection to the content, which means that you can both grab the video and watch it much more quickly than with other applications. Playback will be smooth and have a minimal wait for buffering. Best of all, there is no need to delve deeply into the program and configure any confusing options before reaping the rewards.

SpeedBit Video Accelerator functions well with the vast majority of popular video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion and MySpace as well as any random websites that also hosts videos. These include sites like Amazon or Facebook that includes embedded clips in their content. Both regular and high definition videos can be accelerated with this tool, although the HD option is only available on the premium app.

No.5 Internet Download Manager

Score: 7/10; Product Page: internetdownloadmanager.com

Strength: Download manager with functions of resume to download.

If you would like to download videos faster and at predetermined times in the future, you will appreciate the practical and powerful Internet Download Manager. It works with any version of Windows and all of the popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

ie download manager snapshot

This versatile and useful program has one outstanding feature that many other video collection apps do not have. If your download is interrupted in any way, Internet Download Manager will automatically resume precisely at the interruption point. Higher-speed downloads are possible because of the multiple connections that are maintained during the process.

No.6 Online Video Converter

Score: 7/10; Product Page: http://www.online-convert.com/

Strength: Work on webpage as converting video via URL.

This is actually a web-based downloader tool without the need of installation, we put it here because it also works quite smoothly on IE. By visiting the URL as given above, you will get to the front page of this website, and then you can opt to "Video Converter" from the category. Note that you need to choose desired output in prior to visiting the downloader page. Once done, you will see the on-page tool as illustrated.

online convert interface

Now the case is as simple as entering the URL of target video and confirm it by clicking "Convert File". And if you prefer, you may also cutomize the output file by going through frame size, trimming, rotation, etc. It's a versatile tool though it's not specialized in downloading videos.

No.7 Zamzar

Score: 6.5/10; Product Page: http://www.zamzar.com/

Strength: Web app for handling videos from multiple sites stably.

Zamzar is another on-page video downloader which works directly on your browser. It's full compatible with IE and requires no installation for add-ons or others. The interface is quite intuitive as you can apprehend the procedure by having a glance at it. After navigating to the "URL Converter", you will find it only four steps away from getting the video clips on IE. You just need to give an Email address for getting download URL.

zamzar video downloader

No.8 FastestTube

Score: 6.5/10; Product Page: https://kwizzu.com/

Strength: Work as attaching a download list to playing video on YouTube.

fastest tubeFastestTube is a compact browser plug-in which supports IE and other mainstream browsers. It works as initiating a download menu along with the videos you watch on YouTube whilst you can select the formats from it (Usually in FLV and MP4). The principle behind this tool is quite simple as you can download a video upon watching it. Despite the essential download capacity, it also lets you merge video streams. Related options about download and conversion are itemized on the official site. The only drawback here seems to be inadequate supports for sites other than YouTube and output formats.

No.9 Clip Converter

Score: 6.5/10; Product Page: http://www.clipconverter.cc/

Strength: Special function for users to trim the video in downloading.

clip converterThis tool works like Online-Convert.com, but it does not support as many formats as that site. Also, it has no editing options, but it concentrates on downloading the clips from sites like YouTube and more. It also has explicit instructions on getting your videos that you won't get lost in each step.

To start with, visit the address as given above, enter the URL into download field via copy & paste, and then select conversion format. When you're done, click "Continue" on one-side of download field to start the process. Wait a moment until it shows up the video source page along with thumbnail and other info. From here you may choose the audio and video formats though there're no so much selection. You could also utilize the distinctive feature of trimming audio/video clip by setting up the start/end points. Once you're done, hit "Start!" button and wait a short while to get your video.

No.10 SaveTube

Score: 6/10; Product Page: http://www.savetube.com/

Strength: Web-based app which supports exporting to audio/video formats.

This is a special tool that it provides both browser extension and online version. The latter option lets you download videos directly on the page. By visiting the official site, you can direclty enter the URL of a video and then hit the "VID" icon to save video or "MP3" icon to save audio. Wait till the app redirects you to cloud storage page, and then you can choose the resolution for video or quality for audio. And if you prefer, you may also convert to other media formats, trim the length of file, etc. There're plenty of functions for fulfilling your needs, but the interface is a bit intricate that may perplex first-time users.

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Top 10 IE Video Downloader
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