Topic in Brief: Download Yahoo Music

Yahoo! Music is part of the Yahoo! Corporation and is dedicated to giving users a unique media experience. Included in this site you get radio stations, musical artists, videos, MTV, new stations and playlists. All you need is a Yahoo! account or email address for access to this organized collection. If you wish to download music from the Yahoo! site, you should use one of the three methods outlined below.

I. Use the Official Yahoo! Music App

The official Yahoo music app can be found on the Apple App Store and allows you to download music directly from the site. You can choose your favorite genre like rap, rock or classical or get a news report delivered directly to your computer or mobile device. It also helps you connect with other fans on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so you can share what you're listening to and get recommendations from friends. This app also allows you to purchase songs or albums to listen to later on when you are not on the Internet.

II. Use the Simple Online Recorder

free audio recorder

In order to download music from the Yahoo site, one method is to use a free audio recorder that successfully grabs any sound coming out of your computer. If you play music on Yahoo, this type of recorder will copy and save that as well. In order to record music from your computer with these types of free programs, be sure to check the following three things first:

  • 1. Are you currently online and connected to the Internet?
  • 2. Is your sound volume and balance adjusted appropriately?
  • 3. Do you have a Yahoo video or audio file ready to play on your browser?

Whether you want to record the audio from a news report or other video clip, you need to have it playing on your browser in order to do so. Start out with the pause button on and turned to the freeware recorders interface. Click "Record," release the pause button on the Yahoo audio or video and the process should begin smoothly. This should allow you to keep the music or text file to listen to later. Remember when the audio is being recorded, you should only do other things on your computer that do not make any sounds.

III. Use Video Downloader Pro

Yahoo used to have a program called JunkBox, which was supposed to put it in direct competition with iTunes. However, this song and album player and download system has become obsolete and discontinued because it was simply not true competition to the much more popular iTunes site. If you still want Yahoo music, there are alternatives still available.


mac trial for free win free trial

We recommend Video Downloader Pro in order to grab both music and video files from this website. It offers a free trial so you can make sure it provides the service you want before committing any money. The ease of use and flexibility should help you make up your mind. It can be used in any web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and more. All you have to do is navigate to the music video you want to play on Yahoo, play it, click the "Download" button that will appear and the song will be captured.

downloading yahoo music

Once a video is done, you can navigate to "Downloaded" menu on left-pane and then extract the audio from it buy clicking "Convert" icon along with a clip. By choosing the output profile, you can turn chosen videos to MP3 or other audio formats within a moment.

turn video to music

What makes Video Downloader Pro such an excellent choice is all the extra capabilities it has. Not only can you capture music from Yahoo and other sites, but it also handles videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and more with ease. The premium version allows full conversion of videos and audio for all Apple devices and other mobile gadgets as well.

IV. About of Yahoo! Music Online

Yahoo Music was the number one Internet music website in March 2007. The thousands of fans and visitors daily were miles above any other similar sites online. In June 2008, it switched to a different platform on It continues to offer many different audio products such as:

  • - Yahoo! Music streaming and downloading
  • - Yahoo! Music radio programs
  • - Who's Next? where visitors can vote for their favorite up and coming artists
  • - Artists and band profiles and information including song lists and lyrics
  • - Information about the Grammy Awards and other recognitions

yahoo music home page

Yahoo! Music may have more competition than it once did, but it remains one of the popular venues online to enjoy music and share it with your friends. Perhaps some of the reasons it is no longer the number one music site include:

  • - No rewinding or fast forwarding of songs
  • - No music on demand
  • - Sticky ads on music windows with no option to remove them
  • - Hourly commercials on radio stations
  • - Rating tools that lack detail or custom choices