Topic in Brief: Download part of YouTube

How many times has it been that you were watching your favorite video (movie, documentary, music videos, or catching up on episodes that you are following etc.) online and you felt the need to download it so that you can watch it later when you have no internet connection perhaps, but couldn’t? Well, there are already solutions out there for that issue. However, there are times when you are watching a full length movie and want to download just a chunk of it to perhaps just cut to the chase or watch offline. The stituation comes the same when you want to download a part of live course, live show or else from YouTube. After all, who has the patience and the time to go through the trouble of downloading the a lengthy video all over again? Is there a way? Definitely.

Downloading lengthy YouTube videos in parts was never as easy as it is today. Back in 2005, when this video sharing website was created, the whole concept of streaming videos online was pretty new to the people and they found utter joy in it. Little did they know, that there will come a time when things will become even easier and their problems of downloading one specific part of YouTube videos could be taken care of.

I. Straight Way to Download Part of YouTube

There are a number of websites that allow you to do just that., for starts, is an amazing online service that helps you convert your desired videos and clips from several online streaming websites, for instance YouTube, Vimeo, MySpace, DailyMotion and many more. What’s more is that with ClipConverter, you can even upload your own video and have it converted.

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Here’s a step by step guide to how you should go about downloading your clip with ClipConverter; it’s really as easy as ABC:

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Choose the type of conversion you need, i.e. Video Converter.
  • 3. Paste the Video link (from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or any other)
  • 4. Next, SELECT the Quality of video you want to DOWNLOAD (1080p,720p,480p)
  • 5. SELECT the Desired Video Format (MP4,3GP,AVI,MOV) personally I would recommend MP4 has many players supports and also has Mobile compatibility
  • 5. Now un-check the "Start of video" and enter the exact time from where you want the video to be cut and till where.
  • 6. Un-check the "End of Video" in case you do not want the video till the end and enter your desired time for the clip to end at.
  • 7. Click on "Start" button and you will then see a download link. You must use this link to download the video and you voila! You have now downloaded the specific part of that video you wanted.

clip converter steps

Besides this, has various other options additionally with which you can just play around with, for fun or experimenting. For instance, Audio Converter, Image Converter, Ebook converter, Hash generator, Document convertor, and Archive convertor! In short, pretty much everything is converted here to fit your needs fast and easy! The best thing about ClipConverter is that they support a lot of different source formats, which makes pretty much anything possible for you. It also allows you to make certain specification, for instance about the sound and video quality before you proceed with the conversion so that the output is just what you wanted it to be like.

II. Comprehensive Way to Download YouTube

If you're looking for grabbing a batch of YouTube clips and edit them with ease, then you need to seek helps in desktop software. The Video Downloader Pro is such a nice utility that provides you with comprehensive solution. This tool empowers users in handling 12 video clips simultaneously, so you don't need to wait for one file completes until you can move on to next one. There're also valuable functions of video converter, player and transfer for maximize your experience of video entertainment. Moreover, you could facilitate the inner editor to trim any file as you like. Get a free trial now and explore more into the functions.


free mac trial free trial for windows

III. Alternative Way to download Specific Parts of YouTube

As a quick workaround for you, there are also other online solutions available these days. Let’s introduce to you – Another great alternative to ClipConverter. Just a few steps to follow and your video clip is ready to be enjoyed. Follow the simple steps below to chop videos with tubechop:

1. Find the video you want to chop.

2. Enter the URL

3. Select & cut interesting part of the video.

4. Share it with friends.

use tube chop

IV. How to Navigate to a Speific Part when Streaming YouTube

As a quick workaround for you, the online solution called embedplus is another answer to further enhance your YouTube viewing experience.This is a free browser extension for google chrome. With Embed Plus, you get your hands on some extra, really helpful features at the bottom of the standard YouTube video player. It also comes in handy to Wordpress blog owners for embedding YouTube videos onto their sites.

embed plus youtube

The best one we found was the "React" button; this button enables you to find out the comments that are being made about that particular video across several web communities. This one incorporates some more buttons that you might only find on a DVD player – you can easily go backwards and forwards through the "chapters" of the video. Hence saving you some time if you are trying to aim for a particular time spot, you may as well crop your favorite parts! Furthermore, the "replay" button allows you to repeat a scene you missed maybe, or looping a scene / looping the entire video (great for music).

V. Tips to Link a YouTube Clip at a Certain Time (More Options)

YouTube time is another solution that along with chopping your video from and to the instants you want it to, also creates a link for this “chopped” video chunk of yours for viewing later! Even though this website is not affiliated with YouTube, it is very well convenient to chop your YouTube videos here. Following is the link to go to:


VI. Extra Tips to Link YouTube at Specific Time Manually

Apart from this, many people know the trick of right clicking on a YouTube video while it’s playing and copying the YouTube video embed code. A new option has been brought up, this lets you copy the link to that exact instant in the video, so that when you share the link URL, YouTube video starts from that specified time you copied the link as you click on it. All you have to do is just right-Click on a YouTube video while it’s playing and click on "Copy video URL at current time". And there you have it!

Being able to cut straight to the chase without any ado has become more and more important in recent times. You may just want to look at a certain part of the 40 minute long tutorial or a long boring documentary at some time, that’s when you’ll wish you knew how to jump to the point of your interest.

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Do you know more tricks in playing YouTube videos more efficiently? Feel free to share them below.